Friday, May 25, 2012

A visit to Klang - Part II

So talking about my relative's house at Klang, they actually have a MINI DUSUN outside their house. They love ORGANIC FOOD, that's why they always plant and harvest crops on their own. Healthy type of living life eh? :)

I shall let the photos do the talkings. Enjoy! =]

What type of plant is this eh? Any idea? :)

Its actually BABIES RAMBUTAN! They are still growing, slowly and healthy. LOL! =P

Still have a long way to ripe.

They actually plant POTATO LEAVES too!

And this big pretty flower! What is this eh?
Its actually a plant of LADY FINGERS!
Look at it closely, you will see some GREENY LADY FINGERS! 
Amazing, isn't it? :)


Starfruit 'Garden' !

What's inside the newspapers?
Its starfruits! They are wrapped in newspapers so they can ripe faster. 

A walk way of garden behind the house. 

And they are planting this fruit!
Don't know what it is, but it tastes like sour sop! :)

I wish my house has a MINI DUSUN like this too.
Can eat healthy organic food, plus save money.
One stone hit two birds eh? Haha! =P
Will definitely visit my relative's house again! It's AMAZING! =]

Monday, May 21, 2012

A visit to Klang - Part I

Had a short visit to Klang yesterday, and it felt awesome to have a short break from my dad's tiring working life, my mid-term exam, my sis's mid-term exam and my bro's final exam. LOL! All work + exam right? =P

It took around half an hour time to reach my relative's house which located at Taman Andalas, Klang. Actually I found that Klang is a big city, but with peaceful life. Don't know why I feel that, but whenever I travelled to Klang, I had that same feeling again. Hmm, I wondered why...

Took this photo during the journey to Klang.
My bangs is getting longer and longer now. Kinda lazy to cut. Eeek! 

Well both my uncle and aunt are kinda sick actually. And this is the main AIM for visiting them. My uncle has an eye operation to do in few weeks time, while my aunt has some bone problem. They both looked good yesterday, and hopefully they will stay healthy. Pray hard for them. Owh yeah, met my baby cousin, Wen Li there too. He is THREE years old now, and he's growing really really fast. Maybe he eats spinach everyday eh? Haha! =P

Wen Li is so active. He can't sit still. 
And the favourite toy/stuff he likes is the FOOTBALL! :)

He loves to play with my brother.

Ignore my CRAZY SUNSHINE smile! =P

He can throw the ball better than me, honestly speaking.

Yes, I just enjoy spending time with all my baby cousins.
They are way too adorable and chubby! Love them to max max max! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Claypot Bak Kut Teh!

First of all, I'm gonna wish the world Happy 520, although I don't really get what it means. I'm just following the trend to wish everyone Happy 520, happy and always! :)

So this morning, my daddy decided to bring us to Klang to visit my relatives, and at the same time, to eat Bak Kut Teh! It has been a long long time that I ever touched Bak Kut Teh because my mummy don't like to eat Bak Kut Teh due to the high cholesterol and ajinomoto. Since my mummy went to Sarawak for work, we decided to curi-curi jalan, curi-curi makan! Tee-heeeee! =]

My relatives brought us to a coffee shop named Wan Wha Kopitiam, which located somewhere in Taman Sentosa. It isn't a nice restaurant with air-cond or pretty deco, but just a simple kopitiam with a small stall selling Claypot Bak Kut Teh.

Just a simple stall like this.

We have to pour tea leaves into the tea pot on our own. 
I can tell that this is quite an old-fashioned kopitiam. Most of the things we have to self-service.

Steamed rice with fried garlic.

FRESH Bak Kut Teh is here, finally! :)

Campur, mix and mix!
Quite a lot of ingredients they put actually.

We have 6 persons, but we ordered the food for 5 persons. And it is more than enough. We almost can't finish it. LOL! What's important is, we won't feel thirsty after we finished the food. This prove that the Ajinomoto they put is not much. We even ta-pao some for mummy to try it out. 

And guess what? The food is really cheap which is just RM 55! Worth it right? Too bad I'm not familiar with Klang, if not I'll jot down the exact address to recommend you guys. CHEAP AND DELICIOUS! :)

If you want Bak Kut Teh, go Klang! 
No regrets! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not random post, about Big Bang!

Temporary free from mid-term exam. 
My last subject would be on 30th of May. And right after exam, I have a wedding dinner to go. Whoops! Its in my dad's hometown - Sungai Besar. Weird name right? =P

By the way, do you guys know that the well known K-Pop group - Big Bang, is coming to Malaysia to open their live concert? I was like so freaking excited when I heard this news from my friends, then I verified this news from the Internet and newspapers. Haha, takut rumor saja! =P  But, most probably Big Bang will be coming to Malaysia. Unless they cancel it all at a sudden. *PLEASE DON'T* =P  Hopefully the ticket price won't be too expensive, wanted to go for their concert so badly. Pray hard for that.

From left : Tae-yang, Dae Sung, G-Dragon, TOP and Seung Ri.
I love TOP the most! Especially with his new mint colour hair! =P

Well, Big Bang is the first K-Pop group that ever inspire me, like so much, until I am really into K-Pop these days. I don't understand what they sing, but I just like the rhythm of the songs and their dancing. I'm not a person that like rapping so much, but the way Top and G-Dragon rap is way too awesome! Top's voice is so unique. Its like, kind of elastic like a spring! What description is that eh? =P  I like their famous songs like Blue, Fantastic Babe, Haru-Haru, Lies, The Last Farewell, Love Song and lots more. Feel free to listen to all these songs, and you will fall for them!  =]

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I, have faith.

I'm having my mid term exam right now, so tension because it's my first exam in my degree life. I had my first subject today, which is Critical and Creative Thinking. The exam hall was freaking cold, and I was shivering all the time. Blame the air-cond above me! :(  Managed to finish the paper in time, and the questions weren't that hard. Have to think out of the box when solving the questions. Hopefully I can score well in this mid term exam to boost my confidence. Wish me luck? =]

Owh yeah, I'm learning guitar actually. Is it too late/old to learn it? I always wanted to learn some music instruments but yeah, I always have an excuse for myself. But now, since my college mates encouraged me to join Music Club, so I decided to learn guitar with them. All I have to do is to get a guitar and pay RM 10 every month for fees. I don't think I'll get a guitar so soon because I have to deal with my parents. They always think that girls should learn piano/organ, not guitar. LOL! So, my friend is so kind to lend me his guitar when I need it. Awesome right? Thank you Vin! :)

With my friend's guitar.

Hopefully I can learn this well. FIGHTING!  =]

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Momma, Happy Mother's Day!

Hulala! Gonna wish my momma Happy Mother's Day through this blog post! I love you very very muchieee, just like how much I love cheese and Spongebob! Muah Muah! =P

I started to flash back my memories with my sister this afternoon about how we celebrated Mother's Day previously. I still remember last time when we were young, we celebrated Mother's Day as simple as we can. And guess what we gave our momma Mother's Day present eh? We were so innocent that time, that we actually wrapped some Kilometric ball point pens with present papers and gave those to momma. But what's so special about those pens are, we didn't buy those pens, but we actually got it from my momma's pencil case *my momma is a teacher, so she has lots of pens in her pencil case* Those pens we gave her are USED BALL POINT PENS weyy! FUNNY RIGHT? =P  But, my momma loves the present very much! Surprisingly right? Tee-hee!

After that, my daddy would lead us *my brother, my sister and I* to the study area and sat in front of the computer, started creating a Mother's Day card. The process was so funny, where we actually typed down our love messages and printed out in an A4 colour paper.

Right now, when I start to flash back all the memories, my sister and I laughed tremendously, thinking back how funny we were when we were young that time. Really miss those moments weyyy! We were so happy, so innocent last time. Haha! =]

Well this year, we celebrated Mother's Day with simple dinner'S at a Chinese Restaurant @ Kepong yesterday and at Nando's Restaurant @ Ikano today. I am really happy today because I get to spend time bonding with my family. The memories, are just valuable. =]

I love you momma. 
Thanks for your sacrifices, for 19 years before that, and for the future. 
I will definitely remember your love, your care, your gentle touch, your lovely advices, always and forever.
Once again, Happy Mother's Day momma! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ice-skating @ Sunway Pyramid

OWH YEAH! I'm back to my blogging life, like finally! So sorry to say that I'm kind of neglecting my bloggie these days because of my overload course works, assignments, quizzes and exams. May is being CRUEL to me. SIGH! 5 quizzes, 4 assignments, 3 exams in May! *owh nooooo*

So, my course mates and I decided to take a break from our hectic uni life. I always wanted to try out some awesome Indian food, where I have to use hands to eat while the food is placed on a banana leaf. Sounds so traditional, but I really want to try it out. Mana tahu we were kinda lost to find the way to the Indian restaurant in Taipan area near USJ. It ended up with us, eating Mamak food. LOL! =P

After lunch, we went for ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid. It was my first time trying out ice-skating actually. I was really excited because I wondered how's the feelings when I stand on the skating rink, 'flying' here and there like a Superwoman. Heee! =P  I bought a pair of cute froggy gloves from Daiso before I went there. RM 5 ONLY! *HAPPY*  While the entrance fee is RM15 per person (weekdays). Quite reasonable in price because we can skate for unlimited time until 8pm.

When we got inside, we were just like little kids, quickly went to the ice-skating shoes rental area and measured the size of legs. Then we went to another area to put our stuffs and wore ice-skating shoes. It was quite troublesome to tie the laces of the ice-skating shoes because we have to make sure the tie is very tight and secure so that we won't hurt our legs while skating.

The ice-skating shoes! :)

Meet the giant - ME, and the dwarf - Wan Shin! :)
Note my cute froggy gloves there! =P

Meet my friend, Peh Wen!
She is superb funny and friendly! :)

After we prepared everything, we 'dashed' into the skating rink without any hesitation. The first feeling when I stepped on the skating rink, "Owh no, I'm gonna fall!!!" It was so slippery, that I couldn't even balanced myself. I was holding onto the wall so that I won't fall down easily. Peh Wen and Vin - the emo guy, helped me a lot actually. They both taught me how to balance and skate. At least I managed to MOVE a little eh? =P  Fortunate to say that I fell down, 2 TIMES, throughout the whole skating process! I can feel the ICY-NESS when my bare legs touched the floor! 

With Lekiyo, Peh Wen and Wan Shin!

Kawan baik! :)

Family photo eh? =P

We skated for like, 3 hours. And our legs hurt badly after that. Anyway, it was an awesome experience after all! Glad to have this bunch of friends as my course mates! Hopefully there will be more gatherings in future! =]

Lessons learnt : NEVER EVER wear shorts to ice-skating rink and WEAR long stockings instead of the short ones!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tangled Mind.

Somehow, I'm confused with myself. Like? Love? Neutral? It seems like I don't know what my heart wants. Hmm, guess that I need to find out myself eh?  =]

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Loading, Loading, Loading...

Gosh! Feel so stressed up recently and my bloggie is the only place for me to release my so-called TENSION. Time flies eh? I've officially started my degree life as a Taylorian like for one month?! I thought I've just started my course, but NO, i'm going to have my mid-term exam in 2 weeks time, and guess what? I have 3 ASSIGNMENTS to do in a row! MAY IS BEING CRUEL TO ME!

My first assignment is a research paper about Intercultural Communication, where I have to work together with my team mates to do a 1200 words essay about the selected culture, which we already chose, Zulu - one of a South African culture, and compare it with our own culture. Its not that hard, but the information is quite hard to obtain. Anyway, we have written the essay but there's still some part need to be review again.

My second assignment is a VIDEO, where we have to create a video around 10 minutes long + 1200 words report + powerpoint slides for presentation. The video has to be about social issues awareness, and what's the most scariest part is, we have to upload our video to YouTube! The number of hits, likes and dislikes would affect our final marks! THIS IS SCARY! And I need to get a blazer or something for my presentation soon. Have to look good, professional and well presented! :)

And my third assignment is about movies/musics/dramas, where we have to choose a list of it and find out their marketing techniques. Everything have to be in Powerpoint form, again and have to present in the class too. 1200 words report is required too, if i'm not mistaken.

So many assignments, yet so little time. I wonder, whether am I capable of doing all of these? Can I cope with the stress, anxiety, stage-fright? I guess I need to have more faith in myself. PRAY HARD for that! =]

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Running Man

Woots! Finally I have the time to update my bloggie with this event organised by K-Generation Club under Taylor's University. The event was held on last Saturday *the same date with Bersih 3.0*. The event was actually featuring a well known Korean Variety Show - RUNNING MAN, while all the members who took part in this event had the opportunity to take part in the activities like station games and hide & seek, just like the one shown in Korean Running Man show.

I NEVER thought of having a chance to experience all these Running Man 'stuffs' until I join K-Generation Club recently. It was like a DREAM COME TRUE for me. LOL! Well, Running Man was quite a tiring event actually. Basically, we were like 'moving' all around throughout the day of the event, except for lunch time. We had station games in the morning session, where we had 5 missions to accomplish together with our own team members. Then the TWO winning teams from the morning session had the chance to choose whether to be the HIDING TEAM or the SEEKING TEAM. I shall let the photos to do the talking. Enjoy! :)

Chit-chat session before the event started.

We were divided into 4 groups : Green, Pink, Yellow and Orange.

Korean Running Man - Monday Couple
Taylor's Running Man - Saturday Couple! :)

Couldn't take any photos for the first mission because we were running all around the campus that time.
But the photo above was our second mission, where we had to match the photos of Korean artists with their names correctly in 30 SECONDS!

Matching up! :)

Third mission : Hint to a venue.
We used like, half an hour to find out this place! So hard to guess this venue. 

A group photo once we reached the SECRET venue! 

In this mission, we had to answer the question correctly given by the crew. If anyone of us answered the question wrongly, we had to start from the beginning again.

And the fourth mission, we had to guess the song name and artist name correctly, whereby one of our team member had to describe it without mentioning the keywords.

And the final mission, make an math equation which can be divided by 3 from the numbers we chose after we did our 4 missions previously successfully.

We were the last team from the beginning and finally, we emerged as the first team. A big love to my fellow members because we really worked very hard to accomplish all the missions! Spent around 3 hours, RUNNING, THINKING, DISCUSSING to finish all the missions.

Since we were the first team to check in, so we had the chance to choose whether to be the hiding team or the seeking team. Of course, all of us wanted to be a part of seeking team! We always watch this from the Korean Running Man show, but we never thought of having a chance to be part of seeking team too! SUCH AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! :)  So the GREEN TEAM and ORANGE TEAM chose to be seeking team, while the PINK TEAM and YELLOW TEAM became the hiding team. 16 VERSUS 16! =]

Crews helped us to stick our name tag.

Ta-da! My very own name tag! :)

And what's so special about the seeking team was,
all the members had to tie the BELLS at the shoelaces.
So the hiding team will know the existence of the seeking team since the seeking team will produce 'sounds' from the bells while moving or running.

Members 'showing off' the BELLS! =P

Cheering up for each other! TEAMWORK rocks! :)

Showing off our name tags! heee! =P

Note the camera man in the photo!
He was the one capturing photos, video-ing us throughout the whole event, EXACTLY the same like the one shown in Korean weyy! THUMBS UP FOR HIM! =]

Muahaha! The feeling of 'tearing' the name tag was just, SYIOK-NIA! =P

Of course, the hiding team had special weapons too, which is THE BOMB! :(
If we saw the BOMB after we tear out the name tag, it means that the particular member of seeking team and hiding team were both eliminated.

And the FOUR of us KENA BOMBED and went into JAIL!
So sad when we were all eliminated in an hour time.  =(

Spent another 3 hours time to wrap up the hide & seek game!
And we won again! SO HAPPY because we put a lot of effort in it. All of us were sweating like mad due to excessive running and thinking. =P

The prize!

With Xiu Lyn! :)

And Jessica, my course mate! :)

Group photo with all the members and crews that day! Such a HAPPY FAMILY! =D

It was a successful event after all. All of us had so much fun although it was really tiring. It feels like, going to Korea and take part in Running Man actually. Truly memorable experience for me, and I don't think I can ever forget this event! Thank you K-Gen for organizing this event! Love yea! :)