Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ice-skating @ Sunway Pyramid

OWH YEAH! I'm back to my blogging life, like finally! So sorry to say that I'm kind of neglecting my bloggie these days because of my overload course works, assignments, quizzes and exams. May is being CRUEL to me. SIGH! 5 quizzes, 4 assignments, 3 exams in May! *owh nooooo*

So, my course mates and I decided to take a break from our hectic uni life. I always wanted to try out some awesome Indian food, where I have to use hands to eat while the food is placed on a banana leaf. Sounds so traditional, but I really want to try it out. Mana tahu we were kinda lost to find the way to the Indian restaurant in Taipan area near USJ. It ended up with us, eating Mamak food. LOL! =P

After lunch, we went for ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid. It was my first time trying out ice-skating actually. I was really excited because I wondered how's the feelings when I stand on the skating rink, 'flying' here and there like a Superwoman. Heee! =P  I bought a pair of cute froggy gloves from Daiso before I went there. RM 5 ONLY! *HAPPY*  While the entrance fee is RM15 per person (weekdays). Quite reasonable in price because we can skate for unlimited time until 8pm.

When we got inside, we were just like little kids, quickly went to the ice-skating shoes rental area and measured the size of legs. Then we went to another area to put our stuffs and wore ice-skating shoes. It was quite troublesome to tie the laces of the ice-skating shoes because we have to make sure the tie is very tight and secure so that we won't hurt our legs while skating.

The ice-skating shoes! :)

Meet the giant - ME, and the dwarf - Wan Shin! :)
Note my cute froggy gloves there! =P

Meet my friend, Peh Wen!
She is superb funny and friendly! :)

After we prepared everything, we 'dashed' into the skating rink without any hesitation. The first feeling when I stepped on the skating rink, "Owh no, I'm gonna fall!!!" It was so slippery, that I couldn't even balanced myself. I was holding onto the wall so that I won't fall down easily. Peh Wen and Vin - the emo guy, helped me a lot actually. They both taught me how to balance and skate. At least I managed to MOVE a little eh? =P  Fortunate to say that I fell down, 2 TIMES, throughout the whole skating process! I can feel the ICY-NESS when my bare legs touched the floor! 

With Lekiyo, Peh Wen and Wan Shin!

Kawan baik! :)

Family photo eh? =P

We skated for like, 3 hours. And our legs hurt badly after that. Anyway, it was an awesome experience after all! Glad to have this bunch of friends as my course mates! Hopefully there will be more gatherings in future! =]

Lessons learnt : NEVER EVER wear shorts to ice-skating rink and WEAR long stockings instead of the short ones!


  1. I'm really afraid of ice skating ler... scared fall *ouch*

    1. yeahh, but u have to fall to get rid of the feeling of 'scared'. =X

  2. I never tried and don't think I wanna try, scared of falling :P But I tried rollerskating before hehe

    1. wow! rollerskate eh? i wanna try too! :D

  3. i always wanted to try ice skating but no 'kaki' haha

  4. Gosh, really makes me feel younger again looking at your post! I wanna play too! Just dropping by to wish u a Happy Mother's Day with your family & be sure to head over for a mouth-watering dish + some laughter @ Surprise Mom with A Stalk of Abalone Flower On Mother’s Day!

    1. haha! you should try it out one day too! really FUN! :D

  5. Hello xiao jie! I was there skating on the 10th too! how come didnt see you lol T.T

  6. hello just wanted to know is the price includes the shoes rental? thanks