Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Running Man

Woots! Finally I have the time to update my bloggie with this event organised by K-Generation Club under Taylor's University. The event was held on last Saturday *the same date with Bersih 3.0*. The event was actually featuring a well known Korean Variety Show - RUNNING MAN, while all the members who took part in this event had the opportunity to take part in the activities like station games and hide & seek, just like the one shown in Korean Running Man show.

I NEVER thought of having a chance to experience all these Running Man 'stuffs' until I join K-Generation Club recently. It was like a DREAM COME TRUE for me. LOL! Well, Running Man was quite a tiring event actually. Basically, we were like 'moving' all around throughout the day of the event, except for lunch time. We had station games in the morning session, where we had 5 missions to accomplish together with our own team members. Then the TWO winning teams from the morning session had the chance to choose whether to be the HIDING TEAM or the SEEKING TEAM. I shall let the photos to do the talking. Enjoy! :)

Chit-chat session before the event started.

We were divided into 4 groups : Green, Pink, Yellow and Orange.

Korean Running Man - Monday Couple
Taylor's Running Man - Saturday Couple! :)

Couldn't take any photos for the first mission because we were running all around the campus that time.
But the photo above was our second mission, where we had to match the photos of Korean artists with their names correctly in 30 SECONDS!

Matching up! :)

Third mission : Hint to a venue.
We used like, half an hour to find out this place! So hard to guess this venue. 

A group photo once we reached the SECRET venue! 

In this mission, we had to answer the question correctly given by the crew. If anyone of us answered the question wrongly, we had to start from the beginning again.

And the fourth mission, we had to guess the song name and artist name correctly, whereby one of our team member had to describe it without mentioning the keywords.

And the final mission, make an math equation which can be divided by 3 from the numbers we chose after we did our 4 missions previously successfully.

We were the last team from the beginning and finally, we emerged as the first team. A big love to my fellow members because we really worked very hard to accomplish all the missions! Spent around 3 hours, RUNNING, THINKING, DISCUSSING to finish all the missions.

Since we were the first team to check in, so we had the chance to choose whether to be the hiding team or the seeking team. Of course, all of us wanted to be a part of seeking team! We always watch this from the Korean Running Man show, but we never thought of having a chance to be part of seeking team too! SUCH AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! :)  So the GREEN TEAM and ORANGE TEAM chose to be seeking team, while the PINK TEAM and YELLOW TEAM became the hiding team. 16 VERSUS 16! =]

Crews helped us to stick our name tag.

Ta-da! My very own name tag! :)

And what's so special about the seeking team was,
all the members had to tie the BELLS at the shoelaces.
So the hiding team will know the existence of the seeking team since the seeking team will produce 'sounds' from the bells while moving or running.

Members 'showing off' the BELLS! =P

Cheering up for each other! TEAMWORK rocks! :)

Showing off our name tags! heee! =P

Note the camera man in the photo!
He was the one capturing photos, video-ing us throughout the whole event, EXACTLY the same like the one shown in Korean weyy! THUMBS UP FOR HIM! =]

Muahaha! The feeling of 'tearing' the name tag was just, SYIOK-NIA! =P

Of course, the hiding team had special weapons too, which is THE BOMB! :(
If we saw the BOMB after we tear out the name tag, it means that the particular member of seeking team and hiding team were both eliminated.

And the FOUR of us KENA BOMBED and went into JAIL!
So sad when we were all eliminated in an hour time.  =(

Spent another 3 hours time to wrap up the hide & seek game!
And we won again! SO HAPPY because we put a lot of effort in it. All of us were sweating like mad due to excessive running and thinking. =P

The prize!

With Xiu Lyn! :)

And Jessica, my course mate! :)

Group photo with all the members and crews that day! Such a HAPPY FAMILY! =D

It was a successful event after all. All of us had so much fun although it was really tiring. It feels like, going to Korea and take part in Running Man actually. Truly memorable experience for me, and I don't think I can ever forget this event! Thank you K-Gen for organizing this event! Love yea! :)


  1. ahh~ all these school activities so fun! ;)

    1. yeah!! seems like u really miss those moments eh? :)

  2. Looks like you had fun. :) Btw you look very tall, how tall are you?

    1. yeah, i did. errm, around 165 cm if i'm not mistaken :)

  3. well, the red-white stripe girl at the 4th picture looks so beautiful~ XD

  4. Replies
    1. yesh, indeed a nice activity! :)

  5. Awww! So fun. Wished I were you. HAHAHA! :P

    1. haha! it was really fun! wouldn't forget those moments! :D

  6. Thanks so much for joining K-Gen and of course, thanks a million for joining our event ! :)

    1. haha! thanks for organising this event! really had so much fun that day! :D

  7. eh eh it's really fun! i wanna plan such games for my event too

    Latest: More than BIG Breakfast

    1. yeah, you should and i guess everyone should be enjoying it! :)

  8. so much fun...though i doubt that i have the stamina to last the whole session.

    1. haha! i don't even have that stamina to complete the whole session, but there's teamwork in it, so everyone helped each other out :)