Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Gosh! Feel so stressed up recently and my bloggie is the only place for me to release my so-called TENSION. Time flies eh? I've officially started my degree life as a Taylorian like for one month?! I thought I've just started my course, but NO, i'm going to have my mid-term exam in 2 weeks time, and guess what? I have 3 ASSIGNMENTS to do in a row! MAY IS BEING CRUEL TO ME!

My first assignment is a research paper about Intercultural Communication, where I have to work together with my team mates to do a 1200 words essay about the selected culture, which we already chose, Zulu - one of a South African culture, and compare it with our own culture. Its not that hard, but the information is quite hard to obtain. Anyway, we have written the essay but there's still some part need to be review again.

My second assignment is a VIDEO, where we have to create a video around 10 minutes long + 1200 words report + powerpoint slides for presentation. The video has to be about social issues awareness, and what's the most scariest part is, we have to upload our video to YouTube! The number of hits, likes and dislikes would affect our final marks! THIS IS SCARY! And I need to get a blazer or something for my presentation soon. Have to look good, professional and well presented! :)

And my third assignment is about movies/musics/dramas, where we have to choose a list of it and find out their marketing techniques. Everything have to be in Powerpoint form, again and have to present in the class too. 1200 words report is required too, if i'm not mistaken.

So many assignments, yet so little time. I wonder, whether am I capable of doing all of these? Can I cope with the stress, anxiety, stage-fright? I guess I need to have more faith in myself. PRAY HARD for that! =]


  1. It's kind of normal to have this kind of "loaded assignments + lack of time" life to those who came from foundation :)

    Anyway hwaiting ! ^^

    1. yeah, glad that u all had foundation in comm u know. i wish i had too :(

  2. Replies
    1. yeah, will enjoy my uni life as much as i can. =]

  3. that sounds familiar. had those moments during my colleges days....kinda miss them actually.