Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emily's Surprise Sweet 18th!

Yipee, finally Miss Emily, the birthday girl uploaded the photos in fb!
Which means its time for me to UPDATE my bloggie! :)

So the story starts here. ^^  Joel and Joey, who were the MASTERMIND of whole surprise party, created an event in fb and invited the b'day girl's high school mates and also college mates to join in too. And all of us started to contribute ideas to create another surprise for Miss Emily. *had another surprise party with her last year too* =) 

Here comes the final decision. Someone will trick the b'day girl first *bring her out for lunch and movie*, so we have enough time to get ready before she reached her house. All of us will reach her house before 6pm. Well, before that, Emily asked us for a dinner at Curve on that day itself to celebrate her b'day. So, we have lots of lots of excuse to trick her, so she will thought that none of us will celebrate with her. =P 

So, skip all the grandmother stories, around 15 of us i guess, hid in her room for like, half and hour? LOL! So when she reached her house, Lyn and Steph gave us some signals *heavy footsteps before reaching her room* LOL! And again, like last year, SURPRISEEE! =P She was really shocked, that all of us *including her college mates too* in her room, giving her such an HEART-ATTACK on that day itself, since before that, some 'story' happened to her and ahemm, so indeed, the day was her heart-attack day. =P

Alright, here comes the photos. =)

Miss Emily, the b'day girl! :)

Yours truly and the b'day girl! 

Group photos with high school friends and college friends too!

High school friends! So AWESOME to meet them again! :)

B'day cake, and some moon cakes =)

LOL! Something happening between Joey and Chris eh?

Hamster for her present.

Playing with the hamster, Starbucks! =P

Starbucks looking good eh?

Blurry Starbucks! =P

 With my high school friends :)

Sisters + one horny looking Shan Hoe! =P

Sisters again! *Ahemmm, Steph's hand* =P

Alrdy set this as my fb profile pic! I love this! =D

Meet my BFF, Lyn! =)

My outfit of the day! :)

Meet my high-waisted short.
Bought this in Chic Pop. Lovin' the lace! =)

B'day card for her. =)

Her B'day present, a pouch from Nose.


Haha, I wondered, what would it be when my birthday comes eh? LOL!
Alright, shall put a full stop here, although I don't feel like stopping yet. =P
*blogging is part of my life now* =D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another new look!

Whoops! Finally I changed my blog layout and header!
It had been ages, since I said I wanna have a new look for my bloggie. LOL! 
Since I'm not in mood to study, why not I change my bloggie layout and header first? Hee! =P

Background of my header!
*without adding photos yet*
Alien in wings eh? =P

After adding photos and frame,
Here's my header! =)
Lovin' this! Heee!

*credit to Mei Tu Xiu Xiu*

Monday, August 29, 2011

Simple B'day Celebration

Went out for dinner with family to celebrate my bro's b'day.
We went to some vegetarian food restaurant in Metro Prima. *Chu Yi today* =)
Their vegetarian food wasn't that bad compared to the other restaurant selling vegetarian food.
Feel so healthy after eating those food. All vege. LOL! =P

Went home and had 'cake-cutting' ceremony? =P
Momma bought a cake, Berry Yogurt Cake. Sounds delicious! Heee! 
And really, it tastes really good! Loving Yogurt Cake now. =)

Cake Sense. =)

The cake.

Lighting up the candles.

LOL! Look at my sis's reaction! =P

Bro making his wish.

Dad and mom looks like, wanna eat the cake immediately! =P

Taking off the candles.

Another epic!


Nom nom nom! =D

Happy B'day, bro!

Happy B'day to my brother!
Its his Cool 19th this year! =P

*I still remember last time I used to remember that my bro's b'day was in 31st of August instead of 29th of August. Merdeka Day = my bro's birthday. =D*

Not sure whether there's any celebration, since he alrdy celebrated his b'day with his gf. LOL!
Most probably a dinner out today. Hee! =)
Momma bought a cake from Cake Sense for him. Can't wait to taste it later! =P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello wello! =D

Just another short update today.
Had a long nap in the evening, don't know why. LOL!
Exam mood still not here yet,
and I'm not in the mood to study. OWH GOSH! =(
I N-E-E-D TO C-O-N-CENTR-A-T-E!  >.<

Owh yeah, I gotta said goodbye to my nail polishes.
Im'ma really sad actually. Sigh.
My doc told me not to apply these due to chemicals that might worsen my health problems.
So, I guess, I need to follow her advice. 
I don't want my parents to spend MORE on me anymore. Feel bad about this. =X
I still have a lot of new nail polishes. So most probably will give it to Brandy or Steph, if they want. =)
Don't wanna waste it since the colours quite nice and still new. ^^
Hopefully, there's one day, I can apply nail polish again. When eh?

Still waiting for Steph's photos took in Emily's B'day party.
Will blog about it after she uploaded the photos. =)

Sneak-peak of Emily's Surprise B'day partayyy! =)

Photos : Lab work! =)

This is my fav shot!
Loving the colour! =)

All the chemicals I made during Chemistry experiment!
I just love mixing around with, CHEMICALS! 
Was amazed all the time when different reaction came out, and the colour changes.

Anyway, just came back from Emily's Surprise B'day party.
Tired tired tired. Had so much fun there!
Shall blog about it soon! =)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

For you, Miss Emily.

Emily and I #1
Taken during PRS Farewell party.

Taken during performance for headmistress retirement.

Taken during dancing performance.

Taken during Wendy's B'day party.

Taken during PRS marching competition.

Taken during celebration after PRS marching competition.

Taken during performances too.

We used to hang out together,
dance together,
marching together,
tuition together,
sing together,
chit-chat together,
heart-to-heart talk together,
and and and....

Memories with you,  yes you, MISS EMILY LIEW, is so memorable!
She has typical dark skin, tiny cuteee little eyes and yet still proud of her little eyes. LOL!
And I'm glad to have her as my friend, my sister in my life. =)

And once, I wish you,
Happy Birthday babe! Its your Sweet 18th! =)
Love you always!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Yipeee! My so-called holiday starts tonight! =)
Happy Holidays and Selamat Hari Raya to my  fellow Malay friends! =)
Ooops! Should I said Happy Studying? Since I'm having my 4th exam of the year right after my break eh? 
Shall use my holiday wisely, need to improve more on my Chemi and Math. =X

Anyway, I'm watching a Korean drama right now. =P
My Girlfriend is a Guminho!
Its not a very new drama, was released last year i guess?
and the drama is so nice, funny and touching! Loving the story line! =)
Still got two more episodes to final! Woohoo! Can't wait to watch the final episode. LOL!

Appointment with Dr Nor tomorrow.
Please be good to me yeah.