Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy weekend ahead!

Photo of the day!

Sorry for kinda neglecting my blog for sometimes.
Was really really really busy these days. 
I guess things will get better after Saturday, my another DOOMS day. LOL!

Recently, I am learning Photoshop in my comp class! =)
Photoshop is darn awesome! *although I don't really know how to use it well*
Thank god my comp class taught me all these things! So happy! =)

Here are some sneak peaks of my work! 

With all the wrinkles on the face.

No more wrinkles!! =P

With some effects on the original photo. 

Will post more photos soon!
Stay tuned! =)

Finally its Friday tomorrow! Weekend coming soon! Owh yay! =)
Hopefully my presentation on Saturday goes well. Don't be nervous, Sharon.
Won't be following Ling Sze and Pearly to 1 Utama tomorrow, i guess.
I need to make sure my presentation is okay. Sorry girls! 

Had Chatime today with Sweet Yee! There's one Chatime in Uptown now! Awesome! :)
Tried another new flavor today. Pure choco with pearl! Taste really really good!
But I still prefer the one in Sunway Pyramid. Don't know why. LOL! =P

Alright, shall stop here and continue with my preparation for my presentation.
Ciaoz! :)

I wish, I have unlimited bubble tea drinks! =P


  1. photoshop hurts photography. hohoho

    anyway, you look great :)

  2. get more sleep so your face wont get any line hehe

    you looks great :P if you leave a comment on my post, you are even greater :P jk jk

  3. @bert haha! sometimes it helps too =) thanks for ur compliment btw! :)

    @kian fai lol, not my face with wrinkles also =P i always look great! =DD