Saturday, August 20, 2011

Presentation + Chic Pop !

Owh maiiiii! I'ma so relaxed right now!!! =)

Yipeee! Finally, I finished my presentation today! =)  Felt so relieved after that. Phew! To be honest, i wasn't ready for my presentation since I wasn't familiar with my topic - Aborigines. I tried to wake up early this morning, around 4am, but failed! LOL! *I slept soundly by that time* End up I woke up around 7 in the morning! Owh maiii! Presentation started at 8am, and I woke up at 7am! =(

Dad fetched me to school since I wasn't fully awake this morning. He helped me a lot throughout my presentation and gave me lots of comments too. Loveeeee him!! =)  Reached college, and everyone looked so formal. Almost everyone in the class was so nervous-looking. LOL!

And soon, presentation started. One-by-one presented, and soon, its my turn! I can't describe the feelings of my nervousness, but I can feel all the butterflies in my tummy. I stood in front of the crowd, with two cameras in front of me. At that time, I was, blank?! My hands were trembling, and I can feel my voice was shaking. Luckily I managed to cope with it in a short time, and I just tried my best to finish everything ASAP! *can't afford to stay there any longer* 

Anyway, I would said that my presentation was a slight success. At least there's improvement. :) Ms Santha said it was a good presentation. Well done! Heeeee! Thank Goddd! =)  Will get my video on Monday. After that, Lyn and Steph came to my college, and fetched me to Jaya One for Chic Pop event. Its good to see them again, and have some sisters outing together. Now I realized that, my college, Steph's college and Lyn's college are so near weiii! Next time can have lunch or any meet up easily then. =) 

Meet up with Emily at Cold Storage once we reached there. Had lunch together @ Tapplers, if i'm not mistaken the name. *introduced by Lyn* Anyway, the food was okay. Love my kids meal. *under 18* Hahaha!  =P  The food are quite reasonable in price. Worth trying it out. =)

My Kids Meal - Mini Chicken Chop.

Lyn's Fish & Chip.

Steph with ham and cheese sandwiches!

Emily's set meal. *forgotten the name*

Had chit-chat session with them while waiting for the food to be served. LOL! Before that, all of us were in high school, and now, we are college students. The topic we talked now is different compared to last time. I guess, we are getting mature now? Hmm, a good thing though. =)  Getting more interesting now, as we got more stuffs to know. 4 college life stories to share with. =D

Went to Chic Pop market after that. Not many stalls there but all in very reasonable and affordable prices. Steph and Emily bought something once they reached there, not less than 10 minutes? LOL! Most of the stalls were selling VINTAGE stuffs. Kinda unique though. Lyn bought a top, I bought a high waist shorts, Steph bought 2 tops and 1 polka-dots shorts and Emily bought 3 tops too. Quite productive today! =P  Didn't take much photos since all of us were like, too into shopping! LOL! =D

Stalls #1
Lovin' the bags!

Stalls #2

Steph's outfit!

Lyn, Emily and Steph 'hunting' for clothes. :)

Me, wearing Steph's shades. =)

 Steph and her new clothes!
*she was soooo happy to get these clothes!* You know why! =)

 Haha! Look at her bag, with her new clothes inside.
Why eh? If you know why. =P

Yours truly, with my heels on my hand.
*my leg hurts sooo badly!* =( 

From left : Emily , yours truly , Steph.


Yours truly and Lyn. =)
I am so grateful to have her as my BEST friend!
From Standard 3 to Standard 6, we knew each other and getting closer to each other.
From Form 1 to Form 5, she sits beside me and 'lecture' me in terms of studies and love. =P
Although we are not in the same college now, 
but still, she's my best friend that knows all my secrets! LOL! =P

Sisters, truly meant to be!  Forever and always!  

I was wondering, what we would turn into in future?
Strangers? or Friends? 
Lyn and Emily - Chemical Engineers I guess?
Steph - Having her very own brand -  Jimmy Stephanie Choo!  =P
Interesting. :)


  1. lol ur wearing was weird :X oh well

  2. @hilda go go next time =D

    @kian fai,,yea =X i'm the only formal pop there! =X