Saturday, August 27, 2011

For you, Miss Emily.

Emily and I #1
Taken during PRS Farewell party.

Taken during performance for headmistress retirement.

Taken during dancing performance.

Taken during Wendy's B'day party.

Taken during PRS marching competition.

Taken during celebration after PRS marching competition.

Taken during performances too.

We used to hang out together,
dance together,
marching together,
tuition together,
sing together,
chit-chat together,
heart-to-heart talk together,
and and and....

Memories with you,  yes you, MISS EMILY LIEW, is so memorable!
She has typical dark skin, tiny cuteee little eyes and yet still proud of her little eyes. LOL!
And I'm glad to have her as my friend, my sister in my life. =)

And once, I wish you,
Happy Birthday babe! Its your Sweet 18th! =)
Love you always!!!

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