Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hand-made ♥

Woots! Hand-made wreath?!
Made by my maid. *I didn't know she's so creative* LOL!
She used the flowers and stems from plants outside my house and made this.
Love love love! 

Love these! My bro got these from the screenings last night.
*Gonna clip on my bag!*  =)

Getting fever i guess.
Not well these days since I have my gastric on Tuesday. Till now, I still have the feeling of vomiting. *no apetite* =(
Sigh. Wondered when I'll recover eh? >.<


  1. Your maid so free one ah? :P Didn't know yr bro was attending the screening last night, if not I would say hi HAHA

  2. thanks jay! :)

    yeah, she got free time =P haha next time i should introduce u to him :)