Monday, August 22, 2011

Long day tmr! =X


Classes from 8-4pm today. 
Did some homework while waiting for Sweet Yee and Kalye to end their classes at 5pm.
Went to MCD before heading home because we knew it will be heavy jam on the way back home.
So, MCD to treat our tummies! =P
Had Mc Shaker this time. MISS em! 

Exam again, after Raya break! =X
my 4th exam in this year! College being hectic to me, but I just love it! -D
Shall online lesser and study moreee! *SUCCESS in need!* =)

Something 'secret' going on eh? Hmm.

I don't know why you have to treat me this way.
Are you going to be happy when you treat me this way?
Sometimes, I'm really tired of this, sick of you.
I'm tired to be the GOOD one after all.


  1. Gud Luck in your exam!! ^_^.v.. the other part,sometimes,being the good part one will give u more opportunity observing other things that good to you.. No worry,just enjoy the day!! ^_^.v..