Monday, August 29, 2011

Simple B'day Celebration

Went out for dinner with family to celebrate my bro's b'day.
We went to some vegetarian food restaurant in Metro Prima. *Chu Yi today* =)
Their vegetarian food wasn't that bad compared to the other restaurant selling vegetarian food.
Feel so healthy after eating those food. All vege. LOL! =P

Went home and had 'cake-cutting' ceremony? =P
Momma bought a cake, Berry Yogurt Cake. Sounds delicious! Heee! 
And really, it tastes really good! Loving Yogurt Cake now. =)

Cake Sense. =)

The cake.

Lighting up the candles.

LOL! Look at my sis's reaction! =P

Bro making his wish.

Dad and mom looks like, wanna eat the cake immediately! =P

Taking off the candles.

Another epic!


Nom nom nom! =D


  1. I thought it was your birthday :P Anyway, happy birthday to your sis! :DD

  2. haha! no laaa, my b'day is in november =) its my bro's b'day anyway :)