Friday, August 12, 2011

Lab madness ♥

This shall be my photo post today.
*not in mood to blog today*  >.<

Had my Chemistry lab practical yesterday.
It was my first lab practical after my exam. Its like so looooong, till I finally have a chance to touch my lab coat.
We did the experiment on salts. And the results were really amazed.
Chemical reaction = a chemistry of love! 

Striking blue copper sulphate.


Copper sulphate being heated up.

It looks like coral right? *love'em!*

These are part of the experimental results. 

After reaction #1

After reaction #2

After reaction #3

Some photos taken after the experiment.

My best friend in my college life, Miss Tai Yun. 

Another best friend of mine in my college life, Miss Peggie Wong. 

And, Miss Trishna, my awesome college mate! <3

Mr Ashton, the 'Adam Lambert' version,
our cleaner in the lab that day! =P

Yours truly #1 

Yours truly #2
Simply, just love this shot! 

Went to 1 Utama with LingSze and her friend, Erin. Pearly joined us after that.
Had simple lunch @ Zan Mai sushi. Went to MPH after that to check out the revision books.
Bought nail polish from Sasa too. =)

Went for a movie with brother at night. Parents and sis watch Planed of the Apes, while my brother and I watch The Reef.
Overall, the Reef was okay, quite horror for me. *closed my eyes most of the time because I not dare to see some horror part.*
Had late dinner after that, around 9 something. No apetite again. Sigh.

Going to pray my granny tomorrow. Then I will have my appointment again, with Dr Nur in the afternoon.
Gahhh, i got lots of homework this week! =(  



  1. I've always love Chemistry practical class (:

  2. makmal!:) seems pretty fun. Dont explode anything k

  3. I miss the experiments in Chemistry class, but not the exams/formulas to memorize. XD

  4. haha! lab work is darn awesome! I just love mixing with chemistry! :)