Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Because of LOVE.

Hello wello!
I just woke up from NAP. I fell asleep around 8pm? LOL!
I don't know why I'll asleep at that time. WEIRD!
Getting sick soon i guess. Sore throat ATTACK! =(

Classes from 9 to 5pm today.
I drove today, together with my car pool gang. Reached there around 8 plus and went to TLC for a short nap.
Really lack of sleep this day, and this add on to my headache problem. Even COFFEE couldn't save me. =X

Finally finished learning Photoshop, and now learning Databases.
Gahh! This is much much harder than Photoshop. So many new things to learn. =(
Wondered why the Aussie ppl want us to take Comp in this course eh? 

Btw, my Bio lecturer was admitted to hospital. Fainted in college. =X
Hopefully he would stay healthy! *Gotta banned him from drinking cold drinks now!* 

Its been ages since I said I want to change my bloggie template,
but I'm getting busier day by day. =X
Please give me one day free, just one day for me to get my template done? =P

Thanks for everything.

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