Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I will do it! :)

My Starbucks shirt! =)

Went to Puchong this morning to pray my granny.
Mom and aunt cooked quite some vege food for my granny.
Bought her fav fruits and kuih too.

Brought my homework there and do.
Ended up sleeping there. LOL! *guess that i'm too tired, slept around 3 last night* >.<
Left my pity calculator there. Owh my loveee! =(

My preparation for eng presentation was alright so far.
Having trouble on compiling every info in the slides.
Its kinda lack of time for me. I scared I can't cope with it. 
Sigh, I gotta keep holding on, till the very end.

I got lots of homework now! 
Owh gosh. Please give me energy, confident to go on!

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