Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some photos I took while was stucked in heavy jam yesterday.

WTF?! =P 
Look ahead, so many cars on the road. *not even moving!*  =(

So many cars eh?

Behind got so many cars eh? 

Miss Ling Sze, my car pool partner.  =)

Yours truly, the pity driver! >.<

Owh yeah, btw, I had my presentation trial run on Monday.
Everything went smoothly i guess. *ignore my nervous-ness!* LOL!
Miss Santha said I got improvements! Way to goooo! Heee! =)
Shall improve on my voice next. *LOUDER!* 

Presenters preparing for everything.
*see the camera?* We were being filmed! 
And that, makes me freaking nervous! >.<
Wondered whats going on on the actual presentation day eh?

Another random shot! =)
Lovin' the denim I bought from Padini. 

And about my DOOMS DAY today,
I guess it was NOT TOO BAD?
*My external results were out today*
My heart was beating so fast when they told us to check our results online.
I not even dare to click it.

So, my overall cGPA.
I'm not sure whether its good or not.
But I'm glad to get this result because I didn't put in my very best attempt in this exam. *my beloved granny passed away that moment, and my mind was lingered around, couldn't concentrate at all.*
And getting this result, I'm happy with it. Thank god! =)
Shall study harder for my finals! I promised you, granny!



  1. No worries, you will do good! Lots of room for improvement is way better than nothing to improve anymore cos that will be very demotivating :)