Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello wello! =D

Just another short update today.
Had a long nap in the evening, don't know why. LOL!
Exam mood still not here yet,
and I'm not in the mood to study. OWH GOSH! =(
I N-E-E-D TO C-O-N-CENTR-A-T-E!  >.<

Owh yeah, I gotta said goodbye to my nail polishes.
Im'ma really sad actually. Sigh.
My doc told me not to apply these due to chemicals that might worsen my health problems.
So, I guess, I need to follow her advice. 
I don't want my parents to spend MORE on me anymore. Feel bad about this. =X
I still have a lot of new nail polishes. So most probably will give it to Brandy or Steph, if they want. =)
Don't wanna waste it since the colours quite nice and still new. ^^
Hopefully, there's one day, I can apply nail polish again. When eh?

Still waiting for Steph's photos took in Emily's B'day party.
Will blog about it after she uploaded the photos. =)

Sneak-peak of Emily's Surprise B'day partayyy! =)


  1. wow even applying nail polish can cause bad health? i didnt know it can be that serious :O

  2. gosh i wouldn't give away my baby nail polishes!! haha enjoy the holiday for now first!! xD

  3. @kyril haha! stay tuned! =)

    @hilda yeah, chemicalsss! but for u all,i guess should be okay, but for me, should be NO! =X

    @casley haha! i won't give if i have choices. =(