Friday, October 28, 2011

Quickie + Lucky!

Today is my last day of college, technically. My so-called study leave will starts next week. Gonna study 99 for my finals. No time to waste! Not sure whether I can resists myself from FB and Tweet while I'm having my finals. =P

My study leave for next week will be packed with so many revision classes. 9am to 4pm, without BREAK! =X  Finals will start at the week after my study leave. Hopefully everything goes well. Finger-crossed. =)

Owh yeah, had high fever yesterday. Was suspected having dengue since I have most of the symptoms. Doctor wants me to recover by Monday, if not I need to do another blood test again. *scared scared scared* =(

Btw, thanks to Nestle and Kah Mon, I won a pass to Sunway Lagoon. ALL PARK weyy! =D  And not to forget, thanks to Carina Yeoh, I get to win a tote bag from her blog giveaway. 2 good news in one day! All at a sudden, I just feel so LUCKY!!! =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bonding time with lovely family and relatives!

Had my very very very HAPPY bonding time with my family and relatives last week!
I miss them so much, especially all the babies. They are growing really fast now weyy. All can talk so well now. =)

We had lunch at Sin Choi Wah Restaurant that day.
Planned to take photos of the food there, but ended up eat eat eat, till aku dah lupa pula xP
The food there is really really yummy although its kinda pricey. For me, its worth it. =D

Shall let the photos do all the talking. 

Outfit of that day!

With sis! =)

Name of the Restaurant :)

Menu of that day.

With cousin and baby cousin! =P

With daddy and mummy! :)

With my uncle and aunt who take care of me when I live at their place for a few months ago.  =)
Look at the newly born baby! so cuteee! =D

With my bro, sis and cousins! All of us grow up really fast weyy! 

Playing with them =)

Childhood is awesome right? 

I wish I can play like them. LOL! =P

I like this photo!
Both the babies so cuteee! Chubby laaa =P

Managed to capture some food photos. 




Was messing around with the BIG PAO! =D

Yours truly! :)

Enjoyed the evening very much with my families, relatives and the adorable babies! =)
Missing them now alrdy. Awww!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kite-flying @ Padang Metropolitan

Woots! Its like been ages, since I last touched a kite. LOL! =P
So yesterday, Pearly, LingSze and me went to Padang Metropolitan to play kites.
Pearly has 2 big colourful kites, so we don't have to buy anything there. Just bring myself will do. =)

Nice weather yesterday. Kinda sunny and windy. =)
I guess yesterday is the only day that don't have rain in the evening! Hee!

Peepo selling kites there!
I saw Spongebob, Doraemon, Bats and Smiley kites too!
So tempted to buy! LOL! =P

Look at the kites! 

Spot the bat? =P

Colourful sky! =D

Spot the two highest kites in the sky.
Its Pearly kites! We managed to fly both of the kites! =)

Yours truly :)

Ling Sze and I flying the kites. HAPPY KID! =D

Love this shot! =D

Awesome bonding time with my lovelies.
Enjoyed my day yesterday. 
Feels so good when I fly those kites. Its like, back to childhood all over again! =)

Will not be updating my blog that often anymore. 
Have to get ready for my FINALS in November!!! 
Shall update my blog, most probably in weekend. 
Will miss you, bloggie and tumblieee. =(

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment!

This photo was captured when we had choir performance last year during my high school life.

I always wonder, when would be my happiest moment in my life? 
Yes, bonding time with family is PRECIOUS, but FRIENDSHIP is valuable for me, too. I always spend time with my family, every single day. But friends, it comes and goes easily. Come, as in they come into my life, make friends, talking crap and gossiping, and eventually become close friends or even best friends. Goes, as in we will go separate way where we study in different schools and colleges, work in different places. We will make new friends and hardly get to spend time with the old friends. I wonder, will I forget them in future? That's why, I always treasure the time I spend with my friends by capturing all the beautiful moments with them.

We share the happiness and sadness together. We help and care for each other. These chemistry, is indescribable. And this is why I capture all the memorable moments with them. I share the memories with them, blog about them, and make sure they would stay in my memories although we went separate way to chase our dreams, our future route of our life. 

And seriously,
you guys make me feel like I'm actually living in a teenage dream! 
Its impossible, to forget you guys, where all these memories are still so new, so fresh in my mind when I go through every single photo taken with you guys.

All these wonderful memories, would not be replaced by anything else. If I am given a time machine, I would definitely go back and spend more time with them. NO REGRETS! =)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Byee trials! =)

Yay! Byeeeee FINAL TRIALS!!! =P
Gonna relax 'kao kao' this weekend. Have to really really hardcore next few weeks.
Ain't giving up for my finals. FIGHTING till the end! =D

And my end product! LOL!
My 1500 words long essay! Hopefully can score well from this paper. Finger XXXXX. =)

College as usual tmr. Supposing-ly no class,
but Math lecturer INSISTED to have extra class. 3 hours!!! =X

Owh yeah!
Going to watch Paranormal Activity 3 with Carmen tomorrow! hee! I miss her!! =(
Finally get to hang out with her. Can't wait to meet her tomorrow.  =)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Will be M.I.A for some time!
*due to my trials*
Finger cross cross cross X X X X X!

Will be back soon! =)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

KDU Sports Carnival #2011

A week ago, I took part in telematch with my course mates in Stadium Petaling Jaya in conjunction with KDU Sports Carnival 2011. It was not a huge event as not all the students in uni took part in it. Since I was going to stay in KDU, just for 1 year, so I took part in this event and this will be adding to my 'tik tok tik tok' of my life aka my memories! =P

Skip all the brags and photos shall do the rest! =)

The huge stadium! :)

Cheer leading competition!

Go yellow! =P
They even use the 'box-guy' in Party Rock Anthem MV in the cheer! Yellow managed to get second place in this! =D

Blue! They get the 1st place among all! Their cheer is way too awesome! Sexy girls there! :)

Peepo warming up for their competition.

Awesome 4! :)

Team mates for telematch!

My awesome team mate aka lecturer for legged-race competition!
We managed to get number 2 in this! Woo hoo! :)

Joshua and I =)

Joyce passing me the ball. Looking good right? :)

Practicing legged-race.

We are one big YELLOW family!  =)

Managed to catch the glimpse of the leader (in red shirt) of Wanted Symphony band too!
Shahrul was in his band too! =)

Awesome event that day. Had lots of fun.
Too bad I won't be there next year. =(
Hopefully other Uni will have this kind of event too. Hee! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Officially, 100 days...

Lomo Lomo!!!   :)

My beloved granny had left me for 100 days, already...
And yet, I am missing her like mad. Sometimes, I do wonder how is she doing right now. Sigh. Miss having her in my life.

Won't be able to make it for the praying session in Nilai Memorial Park tomorrow. =(  My day was packed with whole day of extra classes. Duhhh! I really wish, I will be there tomorrow. I wasn't there when her ashes was located there due to my EXTERNAL exam, and now, I still won't be able to make it for the praying session due to my extra classes. Feeling really bad now. =(

My trials is on Monday. And I'm kinda nervous for that. I feel like, not well prepared for that. All the subjects are like, superb duper tough for me. I NEED MORE TIME, AND TO BE MORE POSITIVE! My final external exam is coming right after my trials. So I need to be a NERD sooner or later. Don't be shocked when you see me with horrible panda eyes and tired looking face! =P

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lucky day!!

Yipeee! I can't believe my comment was selected as one of the winner! 
Well, I guess I AM KINDA LUCKY! =D
 I won a dining voucher worth RM 100 at Naab Business & Dining Centre!

 All thanks to I Love Discounts! =)

Monday, October 10, 2011

D.I.Y wall!

Spent my night with my sister D.I.Y-ing our room the other day.
Thanks to TUMBLR, it inspires me a lot.  =)

Put quite some special photos in it.
Childhood ones and the recent ones too. =)
So I can remember my 'tik-tok tik-tok' of my life! =P

Childhood memories.  :)

Cuteee! :)

So serious looking. LOL! =P

Recent ones. Love the lightning! :)

Trials in less than a week time!
Kinda nervous. =(
I not sure whether I can do it a not. It seems like, SO TOUGH for me.
Sigh, pray for the best, and I'll do the best too.