Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment!

This photo was captured when we had choir performance last year during my high school life.

I always wonder, when would be my happiest moment in my life? 
Yes, bonding time with family is PRECIOUS, but FRIENDSHIP is valuable for me, too. I always spend time with my family, every single day. But friends, it comes and goes easily. Come, as in they come into my life, make friends, talking crap and gossiping, and eventually become close friends or even best friends. Goes, as in we will go separate way where we study in different schools and colleges, work in different places. We will make new friends and hardly get to spend time with the old friends. I wonder, will I forget them in future? That's why, I always treasure the time I spend with my friends by capturing all the beautiful moments with them.

We share the happiness and sadness together. We help and care for each other. These chemistry, is indescribable. And this is why I capture all the memorable moments with them. I share the memories with them, blog about them, and make sure they would stay in my memories although we went separate way to chase our dreams, our future route of our life. 

And seriously,
you guys make me feel like I'm actually living in a teenage dream! 
Its impossible, to forget you guys, where all these memories are still so new, so fresh in my mind when I go through every single photo taken with you guys.

All these wonderful memories, would not be replaced by anything else. If I am given a time machine, I would definitely go back and spend more time with them. NO REGRETS! =)