Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bonding time with lovely family and relatives!

Had my very very very HAPPY bonding time with my family and relatives last week!
I miss them so much, especially all the babies. They are growing really fast now weyy. All can talk so well now. =)

We had lunch at Sin Choi Wah Restaurant that day.
Planned to take photos of the food there, but ended up eat eat eat, till aku dah lupa pula xP
The food there is really really yummy although its kinda pricey. For me, its worth it. =D

Shall let the photos do all the talking. 

Outfit of that day!

With sis! =)

Name of the Restaurant :)

Menu of that day.

With cousin and baby cousin! =P

With daddy and mummy! :)

With my uncle and aunt who take care of me when I live at their place for a few months ago.  =)
Look at the newly born baby! so cuteee! =D

With my bro, sis and cousins! All of us grow up really fast weyy! 

Playing with them =)

Childhood is awesome right? 

I wish I can play like them. LOL! =P

I like this photo!
Both the babies so cuteee! Chubby laaa =P

Managed to capture some food photos. 




Was messing around with the BIG PAO! =D

Yours truly! :)

Enjoyed the evening very much with my families, relatives and the adorable babies! =)
Missing them now alrdy. Awww!


  1. awww... so innocent. wish i could be like that with my family too

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  2. yeahhh. Be with family is a love! :)

    @fish its my uncle's b'day :)