Friday, October 7, 2011

Ula Ula Ula!

*just finished decorating my room with sister, with D.I.Y photo frames! TIME TO BLOG!!*  

Its KDU Sports Carnival tomorrow peeps!! =)

I'm taking part in telematch with Trishna and Joyce. So hopefully tomorrow will be a good day for us!

The carnival will be in Stadium Kelana Jaya. So I'll be driving to Trishna's place, ALONE, all the way to Bangsar. Owh gosh! I really pray hard, hard, hard that I won't lost in the middle of the journey. =X  Its like, I seldom drive to other places alone, except KDU, 1 Utama, Mutiara Damansara, Kepong. SERIOUSLY, I AM NOT FAMILIAR WITH OTHER PLACES! =(

I'll be waking up very early in the morning because I have to reach Trish's house before 7am. Better leave my house early to prepare myself. SO NERVOUS LAAAAA! *not because of Sports Carnival, but driving* LOL! =P

Will be staying back in Trish's house to study tomorrow. Group study is always better than studying alone. =)  Owh yeah, going to watch Real Steel movie tomorrow @ Pavillion with family tomorrow. Won 4 premier passes to watch Real Steel. All thanks to CHURP! =D

Feeling kinda nervous now, but feeling excited too! =D


*current twitter pic*  =)

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