Saturday, October 15, 2011

Officially, 100 days...

Lomo Lomo!!!   :)

My beloved granny had left me for 100 days, already...
And yet, I am missing her like mad. Sometimes, I do wonder how is she doing right now. Sigh. Miss having her in my life.

Won't be able to make it for the praying session in Nilai Memorial Park tomorrow. =(  My day was packed with whole day of extra classes. Duhhh! I really wish, I will be there tomorrow. I wasn't there when her ashes was located there due to my EXTERNAL exam, and now, I still won't be able to make it for the praying session due to my extra classes. Feeling really bad now. =(

My trials is on Monday. And I'm kinda nervous for that. I feel like, not well prepared for that. All the subjects are like, superb duper tough for me. I NEED MORE TIME, AND TO BE MORE POSITIVE! My final external exam is coming right after my trials. So I need to be a NERD sooner or later. Don't be shocked when you see me with horrible panda eyes and tired looking face! =P


  1. 100 days already? That's fast ): All the best for your trials yeah :D You can do it!

  2. awww. you will get better in time. =)

  3. Our loved ones will always be with us if we keep them in our hearts. <3
    Good luck for your trials! :)

  4. thanks for the comments peepo! APPRECIATE IT! =D