Friday, October 28, 2011

Quickie + Lucky!

Today is my last day of college, technically. My so-called study leave will starts next week. Gonna study 99 for my finals. No time to waste! Not sure whether I can resists myself from FB and Tweet while I'm having my finals. =P

My study leave for next week will be packed with so many revision classes. 9am to 4pm, without BREAK! =X  Finals will start at the week after my study leave. Hopefully everything goes well. Finger-crossed. =)

Owh yeah, had high fever yesterday. Was suspected having dengue since I have most of the symptoms. Doctor wants me to recover by Monday, if not I need to do another blood test again. *scared scared scared* =(

Btw, thanks to Nestle and Kah Mon, I won a pass to Sunway Lagoon. ALL PARK weyy! =D  And not to forget, thanks to Carina Yeoh, I get to win a tote bag from her blog giveaway. 2 good news in one day! All at a sudden, I just feel so LUCKY!!! =)


  1. Why you always win stuff one?! I also wanttt :p

  2. wow! you are really luckyyyyy!

  3. haha so how you doing? still study?

  4. Wow, nice! Good luck with your exam, and enjoy your holidays! XD

  5. @kian fai yeah, still busy with finals :(

    @laura thanks dear! :)