Monday, October 24, 2011

Kite-flying @ Padang Metropolitan

Woots! Its like been ages, since I last touched a kite. LOL! =P
So yesterday, Pearly, LingSze and me went to Padang Metropolitan to play kites.
Pearly has 2 big colourful kites, so we don't have to buy anything there. Just bring myself will do. =)

Nice weather yesterday. Kinda sunny and windy. =)
I guess yesterday is the only day that don't have rain in the evening! Hee!

Peepo selling kites there!
I saw Spongebob, Doraemon, Bats and Smiley kites too!
So tempted to buy! LOL! =P

Look at the kites! 

Spot the bat? =P

Colourful sky! =D

Spot the two highest kites in the sky.
Its Pearly kites! We managed to fly both of the kites! =)

Yours truly :)

Ling Sze and I flying the kites. HAPPY KID! =D

Love this shot! =D

Awesome bonding time with my lovelies.
Enjoyed my day yesterday. 
Feels so good when I fly those kites. Its like, back to childhood all over again! =)

Will not be updating my blog that often anymore. 
Have to get ready for my FINALS in November!!! 
Shall update my blog, most probably in weekend. 
Will miss you, bloggie and tumblieee. =(


  1. Looks like fun! Haven't touched kites since I was a kid. Lol! Thks for the vote again, Sweetie!

  2. Padang Metropolitan is at kepong there???

  3. @jessy yeah, my last time playing kites was around 6 or 7 years old i guess =)

    @blackswan welcome babe! :)

    @munkey hmm, somewhere near batu caves there i think :)

  4. wah so many kite, later "tar-kek" then you know :P

  5. Wow, nice one. Nowadays, hardly see people playing kite already.