Sunday, October 16, 2011

KDU Sports Carnival #2011

A week ago, I took part in telematch with my course mates in Stadium Petaling Jaya in conjunction with KDU Sports Carnival 2011. It was not a huge event as not all the students in uni took part in it. Since I was going to stay in KDU, just for 1 year, so I took part in this event and this will be adding to my 'tik tok tik tok' of my life aka my memories! =P

Skip all the brags and photos shall do the rest! =)

The huge stadium! :)

Cheer leading competition!

Go yellow! =P
They even use the 'box-guy' in Party Rock Anthem MV in the cheer! Yellow managed to get second place in this! =D

Blue! They get the 1st place among all! Their cheer is way too awesome! Sexy girls there! :)

Peepo warming up for their competition.

Awesome 4! :)

Team mates for telematch!

My awesome team mate aka lecturer for legged-race competition!
We managed to get number 2 in this! Woo hoo! :)

Joshua and I =)

Joyce passing me the ball. Looking good right? :)

Practicing legged-race.

We are one big YELLOW family!  =)

Managed to catch the glimpse of the leader (in red shirt) of Wanted Symphony band too!
Shahrul was in his band too! =)

Awesome event that day. Had lots of fun.
Too bad I won't be there next year. =(
Hopefully other Uni will have this kind of event too. Hee! 


  1. Actually I hardly see any uni organizing sports carnival maybe cause they don't have field, unlike the local unis (:

  2. lol! how come so little people but use such a big field! ironically, mmu got a small field but full of people. =.=

  3. @hilda haha! i think kdu rent the field =P

    @henry haha! I know that! somemore rent such a big field there! =.=

  4. I miss school sports day now reading this post. I used to be part of the cheers :) Lots of fun there :D

  5. @qi wen woah!! u're in cheer too??? awesome la you! =D