Monday, October 10, 2011

D.I.Y wall!

Spent my night with my sister D.I.Y-ing our room the other day.
Thanks to TUMBLR, it inspires me a lot.  =)

Put quite some special photos in it.
Childhood ones and the recent ones too. =)
So I can remember my 'tik-tok tik-tok' of my life! =P

Childhood memories.  :)

Cuteee! :)

So serious looking. LOL! =P

Recent ones. Love the lightning! :)

Trials in less than a week time!
Kinda nervous. =(
I not sure whether I can do it a not. It seems like, SO TOUGH for me.
Sigh, pray for the best, and I'll do the best too.


  1. good luck to you no matter what, u can do it :)

  2. very nice eh! always wanted to diy my own room but im way too lazy to move =__=

  3. It would be even nicer if it has the long small white light bulb thingy in tumblr as well :D Great job still!

  4. Creative and innovative! Love to do so when going back to my hometown.

    Good luck for your trial!

    Feel free to visit my blog :D

  5. @jfook thanksss!! :) thanks to tumblr!

    @meowiee haha, sometimes me also like that =P But when the results came out, it's all worth it :)

    @hilda yeah, agreed!! xD will try to get that next time :)

    @diana thanks!!! :) i will :D

  6. U look cute in the last picture! And good luck for your exams!

  7. @sherry thanks babe!! :)

    @nana haha! thanks for the compliment nana! :)