Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another outing with lovelies again.

Woots! Today was another awesome day, i supposed? =)
Went to Sg Wang with my sis, Sweet Yee and Kit Teng to have some window shopping, buttt...
We ended up shopping like mad. LOL! 
Planned to buy Chatime before we went home, but we don't even have the money to buy Chatime that time. All the money were used for shopping. *OWH NO! I need to control myself from using so much money!*  =(

Had a nice time with them. Chit-chat with them all the way from train station to Sg Wang. Seems like we have lots of stuffs to chat eh? It was quite a long time that I didn't meet Kit Teng, especially. She is getting prettier, as usual. *she is always pretty*  =)  Had some 'special' chat with her and found out something. Past, still is NOT a past eh? Owh well, both of us have some 'things' in common. That's why I felt nice chatting with her. Its like, 'wow, we understand each other at some point'. Glad to hang out with her today.  =)

So I bought a top, a varsity jacket, a vintage handbag and a pair of wedges.
My sister bought a top and a high waist shorts too. Spent quite a lot today.  =X
Anyway, worth it because I really love the varsity jacket and the wedges! Can't wait to wear it and take some photos with it. Maybe CNY? Hmm.  =)

Here are some photos we took today. 

Sweet Yee aka my cousin & me! :)

3 shopaholics here! =P

Shop shop shop!

Kit Teng and me.
She's pretty! =D