Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wine is a little like love - Fullhouse

Ho ho ho! Santa Tan wish the world a very blessed Christmas yo! :)

Woke up very early this morning and dressed up well for my 2nd Christmas service in my life. LOL! And this time, we went to Pantai Baptist Church, together with my uncle and aunt. Had a good time there. The songs are really joyful, and it creates a MERRY CHRISTMAS atmosphere there! Had Dim Sum for lunch with relatives at Damansara Jaya. The food was not delicious and yet EXPENSIVE to the max! =(

After lunch, we went separate ways where my brother went to Times Square to meet his gf and my sis and I went to 1 Utama. Our main aim is to CATCH A PHOTO WITH SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK! But the jam was really terrible and we decided to go Sunway Giza instead since my sister haven't been there before. 

We went to Fullhouse to grab something to eat since we ate a lil for lunch just now. It was our first time visiting Fullhouse, and when I looked at the entrance at my first sight, I fall in love with it. LOL! =P  It looks like, a fairytale cottage house for me. 

The outllook of Fullhouse. Look pretty elegant, isn't it? :)

Fullhouse - Lifestyle Store and Cafe.

Fullhouse menu.
Looks like a magazine for me.

Waiting for the food. 

Tiramisu for me! *FLASH ON*


I forgot the name of this drink.
Something Mango + Green Apple Jelly Ice Blended Drink.

Sis ordered their new released Pasta *Butter Based*
And this is superb spicy! :O

This drink is really refreshing! * A MUST TRY*  =)
Yummy jelly inside the drink too.


It is so delicious! So soft and smooth! *THUMBS UP* 

A bed in the restaurant?! Indeed, a lifestyle cafe! :)

Birds cage and X'mas tree! :)

Guess what? This is a bathtub, found in the cafe! :)

Staircase. A house warming feeling.  :)

Wedding pic. Obviously not me! =P

Sofas in living room, i supposed.  :)

My 'brother/sister'  :)

Sis and I!  <3

Tiffany's 'house'.

Her car outside her 'house' - Fullhouse cafe.

Celebrate my Christmas happily this year!
Looking forward to New Year Eve now! =)

Yours truly.
End my Christmas post with a photo of Miss Harry! =P


  1. I've tried Fullhouse before but the food is just so so only ):

  2. @hilda haha, some of the food not that nice. but desserts, thumbs up! =P