Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bye 2011 and Hello 2012 !

Happy New Year peepo!! 
Its TWO ZERO ONE TWO! *time to wake up!*  xD

Had a great night last night, countdown at DPC with my lovelies. Met other friends accidentally too. Like Wen Ting, Kalye, Way Shen, Joey, Yen Thin, Joel and the gang there.  =)

Fireworks was everywhere, and everyone was just feeling so HIGH! *including me, of course* I saw a LOVE shape fireworks weyy! =P  It was my first time dancing too. Ahemmm! Thanks to LingSze for 'dragging' me to the 'dancing pool' in front of the stage. It was really fun, I was shouting, cheering for 2012. We danced with our friends and some strangers. LOL! Its just, SO HIGH! Having sorethroat now because I don't know how loud I shout last night. Sad case.  :(

Some random photos I took last night with my lovelies. 

Me & Sweetyee aka my cousin. *one mickey + one devil eh?*  =P

Yours truly, with Mickey hairband!  =)

Lovin' this shot. KitTeng took this while her phone blocked the flash. Accidentally yet i love this shot! It makes me feel like I'm floating in the air.  xD

Pretty Kit Teng and me.
Her expression was so funny because she thought she saw a frog hopping in front of us. LOL!

The pink mickey (me) , green mickey (kit teng) and colourful devil (sweetyee) !  =P

Two. Zero. One. Two.  

Had a night spent at Sweet Yee's house after countdown.
4 of us : My sis and I + Kit Teng and Sweet Yee in a room. Had supper + chit chat + spilling each other secret  + camwhore throughout the slumber night. It was really fun, indeed.  =)

And today, we woke up in the afternoon. LOL!
DEAD TIRED! Especially our legs. Someone please massage for me?  =P
Having dinner with family + relatives tonight at BU to celebrate New Year. Can't wait to meet them, especially those adorable babies. They are growing really fast weyy! Haha!

Maybe I shall blog about 2012 Resolutions eh? Shall I? Hmmm.


  1. I was at DPC too around 11-ish and I was somewhere at the big compound in front of the stage :D I saw the love heartshapes too!!

  2. @hilda aiya! we should meet up dear! :P