Friday, January 6, 2012

A piece of my thought - Working Life !

Phew, finally its time to back to blogging life! *Always love weekend!*  Have been busy working these few days, and it feels like, my soul is 'burning' . LOL! I always have a thought, ' when I was studying, I'll think of working. when I finally working now, I feel like going back to study life. '  It is such an awkward thought right? =O

So talking about my working life. I am currently working as an assistant teacher at Sunnyboy Kindergarten nearby my house. Everyday I'll just have to walk there to work. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, SAVE PETROL! =P  Meals are provided too! Whoops! =D

Well basically, every morning I'll have to be there by 7.45am and get ready to welcome the kiddies. All the kiddies are so cutee looking! Especially the 4 years old and 5 years old kiddies *although they are the naughtiest in the class*

And this is the brief list of work I have to do everyday, except weekends :

1. Every morning, I have to make sure the children put their shoes/sandals in the rack properly, lined up to get their temperature check to make sure they are not fever and get their hands sanitized. 

2. When the school bell rings, I'll 'catch' all the children back to their own respectively lines in assembly hall. The kiddies will sing Action Songs and dance too. Of course, I have to follow them, which means I have to sing and dance like them too. LOL! =P

3. After assembly, I'll lead the children back to class and help to conduct classes with experienced teachers there. Since I'm helping out in 4 years old class, definitely it is a toughest job among all because 4 years old are the youngest one among all in the kindergarten. They cry every single day asking for mommy and daddy, run everywhere and I have to catch them back! I feel so tired after a few hours, ONLY! =(

4. After school, I have to help to take care the day care kiddies. Make sure they have lunch and tea time, help them to take bath, make sure they have enough napping time and give them tuition classes too. LIFE LIKE MAID EH? xD  I feel like sleeping with them whenever they are having their napping time! LOL! Feel so good to be a child! =P

5. Helping other teachers with daily stuffs like arrange storybooks, prepare materials for kiddies etc during the kiddies' napping time. 

The above LIST is just gmy brief MUST-DO job everyday. I have much more to do in fact. I'm not gonna say that it is a easy job because its just about children, but after 5 days I worked, I can guarantee that this job is not easy, at all! Must have enough patience to pamper and console them. But, I am lovin' my job although its a tough ones. Every single job in the world is not easy! With determination and strong will, I believe I will do it well! Pray hard!  :)  

Sorry for the long post without any pictures in it. Lazy to upload! =P  Btw, stay tuned for my graduation post! Gonna blog about it soon! :)


  1. why not cycle to work?
    kids .....
    well it just a beginnining n definetely more to come....
    got to have a lot of patience and loving....
    All the best....

  2. @simple person lol! no bicycle =P alright, thanks! :D

  3. Working ain't easy at all! I have experienced it b4 just like you :) Now, I know money is hard to EARN! Countless of efforts and determinations!!! Good luck, Sharon :P You can do it...
    Congratulations upon your graduation... Mine, still long way to go... Haizzz, 3years :(

  4. so cute! have to run around and catch them! wooo!

  5. @kelly thanks kelly love! :) I have another 3 years to go too. Lets gambateh together! :)

    @camy yeah, but still very tiring! =X

    @steph thanks lovely! :)