Monday, January 9, 2012

My Foundation Convo Day!

Whoopeedo! Its my Convocation Day, although I just completed my foundation year.
Normally we will have Convocation Day after we completed our degree year, but due to my course - University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Year, KDU UC will organize a ceremony for the students every year. So, I'm lucky to be one of their foundation student in KDU UC. It is a nice campus, with awesome experienced lecturers and friendly classmates and friends. And again, thank you KDU for giving me full scholarship to study in there. Really, appreciate it.  :)

So my Convocation day was on 6 January 2012, which was last Friday. The ceremony started at 3pm sharp at a lecture hall. Normally the Convocation Day will be held in Auditorium, but due to the limited amount of the Foundation Year students this year, the ceremony was hold in a small, simple lecture hall. *We only have 10 students in that course! LOL!* Which means, I have 9 classmates only. LOL! xD

Alright, I'll let the photos do the talking.  :)

Outfit of the day.

The guests invited were being seated.

Mr Jaya, my Foundation Course Programme Leader.
Very friendly and funny type person. :)

Dr Todd Nelson, The Head of Pre-U Department.

He presented the certificate for me.

Say cheese!!  :)

Group photo. One of them, Ashton was absent.

With the lecturers.

With my computing lecturer, Ms Shirley!
She was very proud of our achievement for her subject. And she was like my mommy, looking after me during my foundation year. Thank you!! :) 

Note the centre : its my Math-S lecturer, Mr Yap!
He was trying to 'act cute' ! LOL! xD
He's the strict one, yet treat us really really good. Thank you Mr Yap! :)

Me and Joyce! :)
Lovin' my charming smile. LOL! *being perasan pulak!*  =P

Me and Audrey! 

Mr Jefri, my awesome Biology lecturer and Mr Yap.
Both of them trying to act cuteee! Haha! xD

With my parents! Love them! :D

Daddy took this for me! =P

All my certificates.  =)

And so, I'm officially graduated from my Foundation Year! whoops! :)
Still, life goes on, and I have to move on.
Cheers, for my Degree Year! Yayy! =)


  1. woots!! congratulations for your convocation

  2. Congratsss.......
    Soon you will graduate for your degree.....

  3. Happy convocation! And, congratulation!

  4. finally U had grown up *cries with tears* LMAO :P

  5. haha! thanks for the wishes lovely! :)