Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll go my own way.

Its me, again! xD  Just feel like updating my blog as often I can, although I'm really busy, tired with all my workloads these days. I totally forgot about the bloggers lou-sang gathering yesterday. I thought it was next week. Sigh. BLURR ME! :(  

So far, my working life was okayy. Having fun as well as 'feel like crying' sometimes when the children don't listen to my advice and mess with their own way. *Now I know, messing with children is not an easy job!* Sometimes I have to handle more than 20 children at one time. Most of the time I will sing songs and dance with them, make them feel happy, just like one big family. I'm trying my very best to cheer them up, as some of the children keep on crying, asking for their parents. Hopefully I do it well for the past few weeks.  =)

Well, I met a lot of funny stuffs when I work in a kindergarten with 4-6 years old children in there. Below are the 2 funniest, cutest thing that I ever met :

1. One girl, named Phoebe. She kept of crying, asking for her mama and papa. After 5 minutes, she will ask once, then another 5 minutes, she will ask again. NON STOP! LOL! xD  
But now, she found her 'boyfriend', Yong Fung - a boy who always cry and behave very naughty. Both of them are like bubble gum, sticking to each other. Now both of them not crying anymore. THANK GOD! =P

2. One girl, named Abby. She is kind of mature girl. When she went to toilet, she tend to use the tissue paper to wipe her ***, just like what we do normally. =P  But this girl, is AMAZINGLY SMART! She used almost the whole tissue roll at one time weyy! She pulled all the tissue and showed me, and asked me what to do with the tissue. LOL?! =O

Im'ma gonna rest 99 during weekend, and if possible, I want to stay at home, sleeping and resting ONLY. Then I will have FULL 100% energy for weekdays! Haha! *MY THEORY FOR WORK* =P

Owh yeah, just got my blood test results this morning. Not bad, but not good. NEED MORE IMPROVEMENT, NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT, like seriously. Aim : 50kg! Any ideas on getting more weight? 

And, one good news is, my house will be having a new car soon! Woo hoo! My parents decided to buy Nissan Slyphy! My fav car all the time! Very spacious and comfortable! :)

My parents chose GREY colour this time.
Most probably getting IMPUL KIT  for it. Can't wait to see the new car! =)


  1. congrats wit the new car, Sylphy is a comfortable car :)

  2. it's a good car but it's not a girl's favorite from what i know

    1. Haha, I think I'm the special one? Lol! It looks simple, elegant and traditional feeling in some way. This is why I like it. :)

  3. hahaha... gain weight is simple but loose is difficult ....
    Just eat more rice & meat ..... instead of 1 bowl get 2 bowls...
    Dont scold me if you become fat...

    1. haha! i am eating 2 bowls for 1 meal alrdy. But still, can't. =(

  4. you're messing with children?! lucky kids! =p

    1. LOL!! u're right! they should feel lucky! =P