Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When I Look At You.

The Last Song.

The book is written by Nicholas Sparks.
Read some of his books too.
Especially The Notebook!  =)

The perfect ones! =)

Hello peepo! Back to bloggie again. I should prepare for my coming SPM examination on this coming November, and yet I was relaxing, going online, msn chatting, texting with friends, chit-chat with my friends, and not to forget MOVIES! So, I watched this movie : The Last Song today. It was a very nice movie indeed, a touching story. I thought I will cry after watching this, but i didn't. I just feel, touched? And out of expectation, my brother and my sister cried. lol. Love the song, When I Look At You.

Owh, my day was bored. No teaching today. Totally, wasting of time in school. Rather studying at home than rotting in school. Going to take back my Sejarah Paper tomorrow. *nervous* Not sure whether can score this time. And Yay! No need to stay back tomorrow! Chinese class will be during school hour, not after school! Gee! Can have a nap after school then. 

Was planning to have vacation with friends after SPM. Right now, we had alrdy planned almost everything. So all we have to do now is, WAIT FOR SPM TO FINISH! *seriously, can't wait!*

I will get you, FREEDOM! =D


  1. i love the song too... but the movie is boring to me :(

  2. did u read the book? my friends read it and said its awesome. im nt interested cos MILEY CYRUS is on the cover. like ruined the whole thing LOL

    good luck in ur trials alien!

  3. @simon the movie is for girls la. for boys is definitely boring :)

  4. @emily yea, i read! i not interested in miley cyrus too, but i just love her songs. :) thanks emily!

  5. well, too bad this movie isn't for boys... because i certainly enjoyed the notebook with rachel mcadams and ryan gosling.

  6. @syafiq hmm, it depends whether u actually like miley cyrus a not. btw, i love the Notebook too! =)

  7. Wow~ a girl's movie.. haha!! Must see then!! XD

  8. @bendan yeap! the song very nice! the main actor quite handsome too :)

  9. when i look at you, my heart rate sped up immediately and cannot slow down and die with heart attack XD

  10. owh! i should said thank you right? xP