Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid Autumn Festival lovelies!

Its Mid Autumn Festival again world! :)
Awww, its like been ages, since I last touch my lantern, playing with candles and stuffs.
Back to my childhood memories, I still remember how I messing with fire,
and in my mind, all I want is to 'cook' something out from there.
I still remember, I plucked the leaves and flowers as my food ingredients,
then candle wax as oil, flower pot as frying pan. LOL!
But now, I guess I'm growing up eh? No more messing with that. Yet, I do miss it, so much. Hmm.

Well, before that, there's some Mooncake Festival in a field near my house, organised by some temple thingy.
It was not a successful event, kinda 'messy'. Not really fun though. =(  Went there with Carmen, Emily, Ling Sze and Pearly. After that, it was kinda bored there, so I drove Carmen and Emily to Oldtown for yum cha session. Chocolate craving! LOL! =P

Outfit of that night.

A lorry with people wearing traditional costumes.
*They went around the neighbourhood* =)

猜灯谜 ! *riddles*

"my heart" in chinese. Guess one word? =)

Prizes of that night!! :)

Me holding a lantern! *lantern are provided free for us* =)
Aww, really miss that moments, carrying lanterns all around the place. 

Carmen! :)

Pretty girls! :)

Then today, my family and I went to my relative's house for dinner to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.
Have fun spending time with those kiddies there. So adorable la them! =)

Unique lantern!

So colourful right? :)

Qian Hui, my little cousin.
She's growing up really fast. Love her! :)
She was helping us to light up all the lanterns. 

Have no idea why the kiddies love Angry Birds lanterns. LOL!
*have 5 of them in the house just now*  =.=

Lanterns again!

Lighting up the lanterns.

Of course, not to forget mooncakes!!!
See that mooncake, its with AIA label on it!! =P

Green tea mooncakes! :)

Alright, shall end my post here. Sleepy now. =)
And, Happy Mid Autumn Festival again! 


  1. I love mooncakes, post me some please :)

  2. I saw the decorated lorry because I passed by the field and I was like 'huh?!',lols! XD