Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess what it means! =)

Jauh Raja Pantai

Read this in English :)
And repeat this for a few times.

F**king bitch is the answer. LOL!
I repeated for a few times then I only realized that its actually refer to the F word. So rude. =(
My friend managed to prank me with that. 
No wonder they kept laughing at me when I repeated reading it for quite some times.

Exchanged my lappie with my bro's one.
His lappie has a bigger screen. But heavier. Gotta 'drag' his lappie to college everyday. =X

Hee! Btw, my new wardrobe is coming! *10 metres high!* Tomorrow they will come to my house and fix it. The process should be very long. They said they need around 8-9 hours.
Which means when I came home from college, I should be able to see my new wardrobe. :)
Spend the whole day clearing up my clothes and stuffs in my old wardrobe today. Extremely, TIRED!  =(
Can't wait to have a look of my new wardrobe tmr! xD


  1. Wow that is gonna be one huge ass wardrobe, since it needs so long to have it fix.