Monday, September 5, 2011

Officially, sick!

We seldom take photos,
yet we spent darn a lot of quality time together.
Its hard, to get to know such friends like you all. =)

I heart my college friends!
So cuteeeee! =P

Woots woots! Bumped into Miss Steph and her mom just now, in clinic in Maluri. LOL!
She has sorethroat while I have terrible flu. But, I'm not the one who is seeing doctor, but my maid. She has to do some medical check ups. 
Chit-chatting with her while waiting for our turn since the clinic was so crowded with people weyy. So many ppl sick recently eh? =X
Might going to Lantern Festival in Maluri field with Steph this Sat. 
Its like, sooooooo darn long that I didn't play with lantern. LOL! I miss it so much! =)

Bought a whole box of chewable Vitamin C too. *Dr Nor's advice again*
Got so many medicines + juices to take care with. Sigh. =X  *NO LIKEEEEE* 

No exams tmr for Bio students. But got 2 papers (Math and Bio) to go on Wednesday. BAD BAD BAD! 
Kinda worried for Wednesday because these two subjects are darn hard to score. =(
*Finger crossed crossed crossed!*

Sigh, I miss you, lotsss.