Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gee! New blog layout!

Hola world! =)
I am so happy today, because i got one more subject to go! =)
And now, i got like 4-5 days off till my last paper. phew! one day rest.  xD

The paper today was Biology. 
And the paper was really, really hard.
But anyway, i think no one cares, since its a last paper for those who do not take chinese and account.
So now, I feel relieved. That all the 3 Science subjects were all done. =)
Going to put my very last effort on my last paper!

Owh yea, I am going to amali tomorrow!
one more step closer to my license! woo hoo! =D
I am going with Ling Sze, Stephanie and Zi Ying tomorrow.

Well, one party to go on Friday! =D
Its Miss Stephanie Sweet 17!
I will prepare fried rice on that day too. Gee! =)

So now, i changed my blog layout!
Hope it doesn't looks bad.
Yummy Lolly fans!

 camwhore 1!

 camwhore 2!

going to miss my uniform very much! =)


  1. Nice theme, now you just need a big banner on the top with your picture in it or a compilation of pictures!

    Will look great :)

  2. @alvin really? will figure it out soon =)

  3. Haha..bye bye high school, hello college, u're so gonna like college, trust me, the exciting life!
    Btw, u have a nice pink blog. very comfortable to look at.

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  4. i like the huge butterfly (: where do you get the layout btw? and good luck for yr last paper! :D

  5. @Chuckie yea, quite looking forward to it actually =) thanks for ur compliment! xD

  6. @hilda thanks dear! hmm, from Yummy Lolly! xD