Saturday, December 11, 2010

I miss my Wii !


I really, really, really miss my Nintendo Wii !
Its like, 2-3 months that I didn't touch my Wii, sad =(
Due to my SPM, i have no time to play my Wii, so now, i feel like its almost a decade that I didn't touch my Wii. Sigh.
So, after my last paper on Tuesday, I will definitely touch my Wii non-stop!
I miss doing my Yoga, my stretching muscles thingy, balanced games and Hula-Hoop! =)

Owh yea, will be going back my hometown in Sungai Besar tomorrow.
One of my relative fall sick. Sigh.
Right now, her eyes were blind, and she can't see anything now. And she looked pale and skinny.
Will pray hard for her, so that she can get well soon.

And one good news is,

I got an offer letter from KDU college!
I will get FULL TUITION FEE WAIVER if I enrol their course in January Intake.
The selected course is
University of New South Wales (UNSW)  Foundation in Science.

So, what am i going to do? 
Seriously, I have no idea.

Will be update a post on Stephanie Sweet 17th soon!


  1. Cool! Foundation in science? im taking arts :D

  2. Wii is fun! I wanna play the Yoga game too! Nvr played Wii before. haha

  3. woots foundation in science, thats what i did before too (:

  4. i love wii as well! man i miss my old times ): hopefully you're relative get well soon!

  5. can play all night long after your SPM :)

  6. @Chuen Wii superb nice! u should try one day! =)

  7. @Hilda u take foundation in Science in KDU? =)

  8. Pity u~~ get a psp to play lo~~ easy to bring~~

  9. @nicole haha, i dun have psp la =)

  10. wii wii .. i didnt play for so so long liao lor.. IM sure u do well in SPM.. have fun later !!

    i should start practice wii. then can challenge challenge u abit

  11. wow, result havent out edi got offer letter? so good. why so good de?

  12. @tikky haha, didn't play for long ar? means i will win u eh! xD thanks tikky! =)

  13. @John yea, havent finish exam! =( coz i am using trials result if i accept the offer letter =D