Thursday, December 2, 2010

Freedom soon ehh?

Hey there! I'm alive, FOR TODAY! =D  Decided to give myself one day rest today. Had been sleeping late these days. Looked pale. lol.

Well, this week I had my all 4 subjects together. Monday was Math. Math, was okay, quite tricky. And first question I did wrong again! I guess this is a tradition ehh? xD  Tuesday was Moral. No undang-undang or akta came out this year. iish! *waste lots of time to memorize it*  Wednesday was Add Math, MY BIGGEST NIGHTMARE! And i'm really glad that I managed to finish all the questions in the paper except one graph, which mean i did some extra too. First time, Add Math is not tough ehh?  And today was my Physics. Paper 1, I did quite a lot of silly mistakes. Paper 2 was a big mess. I dunno most of the questions. Guess that I will need to use my luck ehh? =) Paper 3 was okay. Kasturi spotted one of the question in the experiment part. But i didn't study. Lol.

Overall, i am quite satisfy with my performance these days. At least i did try my very best to everything to the max. Cheers! =D

Owh yeah! I still got 3 more subjects to go! Way to goooo! Monday will be Chemistry, and Wednesday will be my Biology. TWO OF MY MAJOR NIGHTMARES AGAIN! =(  And after that, i got one week off until the 14th of December, which is my last paper, Chinese. And I will gain my FREEDOM back! So happy! =)  Might be going for my Amali lesson after my Biology paper with Ling Sze. It seems like I can't wait to drive eh? xD

Btw, my sister went to the Nuff Nang screenings with my brother last night. Seems like they enjoyed the movie! I wish I can go actually. Hmm. =)  Right now, I'm kinda in love with this song.

Haru Haru
By Big Bang.

Really, can't wait for the day to come! =)