Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Blast!

Happy New Year!
Say HI to 2011 !  =)

Its 1.1.11 today! Such a magnificent numbers right? And my birthday this year is on 11.11.11! Guess that a lot people will get married on that day huh? xD

Talk about the New Year Eve. My friends and I went to Desa Park City for dinner + countdown. In fact, its was my first time to countdown with whole bunch of friends. Usually, I countdown with my family. But this year, its totally a new different experience.

We reached Desa Park City at 6pm. Me, Emily, Eelyn, Yen Thin and Chieh Yin had to go Rakuzen for dinner while the others had their dinner in The Steamboat House. Rakuzen's Japanese food was delicious! Yums! =)

After dinner, all of us went seperate ways. Me, Ling Sze and Keat Hing *Ling Sze's brother* went to playground. We found a 'secret spot' to 'sleep' in the center of the playground. Hah! Its actually below the slide. But no one found it. Pearly searched for us, and finally she found us below the slide. Me and Pearly played the 'spiral' thingy too! Keat Hing spinned us and after the spinning, I was very very very dizzy till I can't walked straight. I can see two Pearly in front of my eyes. Lol. Keat Hing had to 'drag' me to the other side. So embarrassing! But, really, we had fun there. After that, we played the 'big swing' in the playground too. Me, Pearly and Ling Sze sat on it and Keat Hing pushed us. It was really fun. Childhood memories are back! Hee! =)  Thanks to Keat Hing, who be our labour on the day! 

We sat on the playground most of the time. And it was kinda bored actually. So basically, I just chit-chatting with my friends. Btw, I met the famous blogger, Yuh Jiun and also Jo Ee too! So excited! xD  I even met my primary school friends such as Eugene Foo, Shu Meen Koo and Siew Tsien! =)  Miss them, lots!

The fireworks in Desa Park City was a little disappointment actually. =(  We didn't have a chance to count "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!"  We were shocked to see fireworks came out all at a sudden. Lol. So we didn't get a chance to get ready with our snow-spray. Half-way during fireworks, we alrdy started our 'snow-war'  Keat Hing sprayed me the most! Luckily I got my revenge back! =)  Even Emily bought eggs from there to throw at Joel and Teik Man. Its so-called 'egg-war' huh? xD

Everyone of us kena sprayed actually. My eyes, face, hair and my outfit were all 'destroyed' by them! But, everyone had fun actually. Too bad Lyn didn't join us for the 'snow-war'  She was with Whan that time. Hee! I called her to wish her Happy New Year too! Best friends for life! =)  

It was an unforgettable New Year for me this year! Some photos here. Enjoy!

The stage.

Band was performing on the stage.

Walau-Eh Group - Pearly!

A lil blurr, again.
The drawings on their hands actually form a sentence.
Which is
Seow Zi Han loves Emily! 
Sweet! =)


  1. hey alien! =) Have a very very happy New year!!

  2. Happy new year. Hope u had a blast

  3. happy new year!!! cool blast u had...tee hee

  4. Thanks guys! Happy New Year too! =)

  5. woahhh. nice fonts on ur hand! :D hahaha. Happy new year to u too yeaa :D

  6. @yen cheng thanks! Happy New year too! =)