Friday, September 10, 2010

I miss you, you know?

Well, today i am going to post a quickie using my corby chat. So far, hmm, i used this phone to update my facebook, twitter, tumblr and even nuffnang too, bt blogger, i havent try this before.

My day was dull, even today is hari raya, public holiday. Woke up quite late this morning, had a long chat with HIM last night. Kinda sleepy even i woke up late. Basically, whole day i was just eating, sleeping, watching tv and studying, but just a little. :)

Today, is an exception. I did nt text HIM the whole day. My handphone out of credit. sigh :( so sad. I had a feeling of LIFELESS now. lol. Hope that he will call me tonight. Finger crossed :)

Mobile blogging is convenient but still i prefer using my lappie. Anyway, Happy Raya to everyone! =D

P.S THE DAY is coming! nope, should be the DAYS instead! =D


  1. cool, i've never trying blogging from my phone HAHA

  2. whoa thats cool. now you can update blogs,twitter,facebook and many more with only your phone... :D

  3. @hilda u should try, at once =D a new experience

    @kyuubi yea, but still i prefer laptop. Mobile internet kinda slow :(