Friday, September 3, 2010

Its show time!

Today was our PK1, Miss Khor Mooi Hong's retirement, so as usual, my class was involved in one of the performance, oops! should be fashion show! =D why izzit fashion show? because everyone has to wear traditional clothes for the choir performance. Well, most of my friends wore Indian costumes, such as Punjabi Suits, Lengga and Paveda something. lol. Some of them wore cheongsam too. I wore a Malay costume, which is baju kebaya, since i had wore before cheongsam and saree. So, this is my first time, and maybe my last time to wear this baju kebaya. Was trying to lend kebaya from my classmates, but some of them, its either too big, or the colour not nice. At last, thanks to Nabilah, who borrowed me a perfect outfit for the day! Thanks Nabilah! and well, this is it!


and two.

this is me in baju kebaya! =D
love the outfit, especially the gown.

So, came to school as usual. Can't see the performances as we had to be in our class to wait for the changing session. Well, what we can do for the spare time was, camwhore! Btw, there was a group of performances, which is our school so called 'magician' brought their birds to school. The birds are used for the magic performance. The bird, very cute, soft fur somemore. I had  a chance to took a photo with the bird too!

The magic bird!

After that, when its time for changing, everyone rushing to the toilet to change their outfit. I was the last one to change because first, I don't know how to wear baju kebaya, and second, I scared I'll not looked good in the outfit. Sheeril is the one who helped me with the kebaya! Thanks Sheeril! :) Luckily, the outfit is just nice, a bit loose though, but i pin it. guess that I looked okay?

Brandy Chai is the one who helped me with the hair styling! Thank you very much Brandy! Big love to her. =D She helped to put a flower on my hair as a decoration. 

a lil blurr. sorry :(

After everything settle down, everyone with the traditional clothes, then we started Camwhoring! =D  Enjoy the photos!

Had fun today. We sang four songs, one is I Did It My Way, edited to She Did It Her Way, second song is our school song, third song is Auld Lang Syne, in English and Malay version and also the last song Don't Stop Believing, by Glee cast! =D

This is our very last performance, and after that we will busy with our studies, and also for SPM. Then we will be graduated. sigh.

Treasure every moments peeps! :)