Wednesday, July 21, 2010

not well.

it was raining this morning! was so reluctant to wake up this morning, so nice staying under my blanket with my spongebob. papa fetched me to school today, once in a blue moon =D  once i reached my class, saw everyone was busy copying moral notes and latihan. glad that i managed to finish the notes last night at one something in the morning. i think i used  more than 5 hours just to copy all those notes and latihan, and now my hand so pain, tired. the weather was so nice to sleep instead of studying. lol. class was as usual, and i think that finally i can understand the Earth thingy? okay, maybe just a little. xP

tummy wasn't that well during mr yap's period. slept a while in his class. *feel like wanna vomit* that time. now better alrdy, i guess.

I'm gonna retired soon! *happy*  =DDD

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