Monday, June 13, 2011

Its Monday!

My Fb profile pic! =D

Its Monday today, which means I'm back to college again.
Hmm, I really hope that time flies quickly, can't wait to have my next holidays soon. 
*i miss holidays! I need to rest, I need to RELAX!*  =P

Well, on last Saturday, my family had one simple celebration for Father's Day.
We went to QQ Steamboat Restaurant to have buffet steamboat.
The food was really delicious! Love their tom yam! =)
After that, we went for a movie.
We watched Super 8.
The movie wasn't that bad. *although my bro and sis disagreed with it*
But, for me its nice, full of suspense. =P
I love the credit part! *Laughed non-stop!* =D

Well today, my day wasn't good. =X
Had problems with my Chemistry lab report. Iish!
Somemore, I don't know how to do my Computer Practical "test".
Just pray hard I won't get low marks! =X

Tomorrow class at 8am. *another long day to go*
Please take away my stress yeah?

Upcoming post, Singapore trip! =D


  1. The small camera can use? XD blek~

  2. nice profile pic hehehe, faster finish your next post la! :P

  3. @kyril haha! can can! got flash light and lighter! =D

    @kian fai thanks! i'll finish when i got time soon =)