Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Refreshing Day ?'

*my lips looks pale!*  LOL!

Woots woots! I'm kinda tired now. *after swimming @ DPC*
Sigh, long time didn't do exercise alrdy. Becoming robot soon. LOL!

College was awesome today.
Had a lot of fun during computer class. I love comp class the most. *less stress!* =P
Can facebook, online, check email, twitter, churp while having class, but only after we finished our work first.
We played some game today. Some passing on message thingy.
I was the last person, means I had to repeat all the messages to everyone after the game end.

What happened after that?
I 'putar-belik' their messages. LOL! *failed!* =P
Sissy girl + let's become piggy, suddenly become sissy pig! haha! =D
Everyone was laughing non-stop.
The next activity was drawing a penguin according to dots. But most of the dots are missing. So practically, its based on our imaginary. So me and Tai Yun 'did the best' *assume!* =P Our penguin had no leg. LOL!
Have one new assignment to be handed up on Monday. cepatnya. >.<

Went for a swim in the evening, after I came back from college.
My dad, sister and cousin joined too. We swam for around 2 hours + i think. *exhausted!*
And finally, i guess my swimming skills improved? *another assume again* =P
Eh eh, at least I can move in the water what! Hee! Although I can't swim for a long distance, but its a big achievement for me. *phobia to water last time due to some incidence* 

Some photos we took there.

Take 1.

Take 2.
*say cheese!*

Cousin and I.

Sister! *epic!*  =P

Stay tuned for upcoming post!
1. Singapore trip.
2. Cousin's wedding.
3. Maybe some updates on my life recently? Hmm.
and moreee...


  1. hAha... funny swimming session.. swam for two hours??!?! my goodness.....exhausted la betull....=P

  2. @eunice yeah, betul betul exhausted! =P

    @kyril haha, won't la, waterproof! =D