Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back from Singapore!

Hello bloggiee! Finally came back from Singapore trip. :) right now, I'm using my uncle's iPad to blog! Heeee! So nice using this to blog, easy, convenient, and MODERN! =P

Btw, it's my cousin's wedding tomorrow! Everyone was very excited! :) all my relatives are coming over. Gonna be very busy this weekend. Hmmm. :) owh yeah, college re-open soon! My busy life starts again! xD

One bad news here. My granny was admitted to hospital two days ago. I received the news right after I reached Malaysia. This was a bit shocking for me. After we reached KL, we took a quick bath and rushed to hospital to visit here. damn, I'm so worried for her! :( please stay healthy k? Sigh. Had late dinner last night, and I even missed the blogger event last night and chris's party later. Sorry guys! :(

Today she looks better, and I know she wanted to discharge, but the doctor won't allow due to her unstable condition. She always wanted to attend her grandchildren wedding, but now? Sigh. Just be healthy will do yea, pinky promise. Love you.


  1. no photos?? xP
    Niway, hope yr granny get well soon! =) Have faith and hope ya!^^

  2. pray hard that your grandma will get well soon ya ! =D

  3. singapore~~ i also wanna go =D.. and hope ur grandma get well soon

  4. wow.. singapore... nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog..

  5. @eunice got, but havent upload it yet! =P

    @jayren hmm, thanks jay! i pray very hard too. >.<

    @kyril thanks! you should go one day! =)

    @mr lonely thanks!

  6. OMG,now I know why u couldn't join us last friday. Popo,GET WELL SOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!! Gambadeh! ><

  7. @steph hmm, thanks deary! will pray really hard! =)