Sunday, November 14, 2010

You are my one in the million.


10 million of fireflies! =)

Phew! Finally got a little time to blog today. Had been studying for Sejarah for 4, eee, 5 hours? lol. My mind is super packed now! All those creepy names, iish! i can't remember. What Alexander, Plus The Great?! Owh gosh! =(  I love Pluto the most! Pluto is the easiest to remember!

Owh yea, I went to the Curve and Ikano today. P.S  I'm not going for shopping anyway. Don't know why i got no mood to shop these days. I thought all girls love shopping right? They can shop for like, day and night without complaining. But, today i am totally out of mind. I used to love shopping, but now? ANTI-SHOPPING? =(  Maybe i will be back to normal after my SPM.

So Mr or Mrs or Miss SPM, please please please, be good to me yea? xD

Since I am not interested in shopping today, so I went book shopping instead. lol. I bought two reference books from Popular. One Chemistry and one Sejarah. Gotta do more exercises now.

Spot Questions! =)
I don't think i should buy any model test papers to do now. I don't think i can finish it after SPM, then it will be wasting my money. So just Spot Questions will do.

Before heading back home, I had one ice cream and curry puff from Ikea. I love the ice cream and curry puff there. Yum Yum! =)  

Had been working so hard these days. So, I need to online lesser now, and i don't think i will update my blog everyday. Maybe once or twice a week? But for sure, I will be definitely active in my TWITTER! =D  Ciaoz!


  1. to think of it.. sejarah was pretty fun :)

  2. I'm sure there's plenty history to ice-cream and curry puffs too :p and good luck in your xams k :)

  3. @alvin haha, what u said make sense too xD anyway thanks yea! =D

  4. hahahaha
    I love this subject - Sejarah...
    just write the important note and U can score it

    P/S : Nak Buat Panggilan Hangit? Jangan Sampai Aku Hangitkan Kau Pula!

  5. @hans u love? this is so unsual xD