Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One more day to my sweet 17th!

Its 10.11.10 today! Means its actually one more day to MY BIRTHDAY! Thats why i always love 1111. 11 November is love! =D  But when it comes to celebration, i don't think i have the mood to celebrate also. No one seems like can have fun at this particular time. sigh. all in study mood! and its SPM soon! Whenever SPM comes to my mind, its just like disturbed my mind. Suddenly i can become emo type, or i will just stressed up. Its just, out of my control. =(  I want need something to de-stress myself. Seriously. Maybe some food? I really LOVE food! xD

See, I skipped my school again. Lol. Lazy me. So again, need to study. Fed up of keep mentioning the word study study and study! iiish! =(  I don't think i can celebrate my birthday tmr. Got to go school tomorrow to attend Chinese class, the last chinese class for us alrdy. No more. Hmm. Then night time got tuition. So, i guess, its a NO celebration this year! =(

ALERT!! 13 days to SPM!