Friday, November 12, 2010

Uh-Huh? I Graduated? Owh goshh!

12.11.10, just the day after my sweet 17, and now its my GRADUATION DAY! =D
OMG! I can't believe it! I have been in this school for 5 long yearsss weyy! This is incredibly AWESOME! =)
And somehow, I realised that I really, love this school, love the teachers and not to forget all my chubby sweeties! I will definitely MISS YOU GUYS! =)

Alright, such an emotional opening right? xD  The weather was not really good this morning, was raining. So we have to go to our new hall to have our Graduation Day aka Blessing Ceremony. Everyone of us sit on the floor and listened to some briefings on our discipline, preparations before SPM and our SPBT books. 

all the Form 5's were here.

After that, we had our blessing from our teachers. It was so touching, that we shaked hands with all the teachers that had taught me since form 3. And of course, I get to hug Puan Thilai, Miss Chai, Puan Tenh and Miss Tang. Miss Tang even gave us kit kat bar for our graduate present. So sweet of her. =)  Puan Thilai and Puan Tenh told me to get A+ for Moral and Math. I was like, haaar? Then she kept smilling. Okok, I will try my best, i promised. =D

Next, our photoshooting session! I shall let the pictures do the talking again. =)

Its me! I am graduated! =D

Sisters, including Joel! xD

Eelyn, Best sweetie in my life! love! =)

Carmen, another sweetie, and i will definitely remember her! xD

Stephanie and me! xD

The four flowers! love! =)

haha! look at my retarded expression! and this teacher is my favourite all the time! 

okay, take 2 now. =)

Stephanie, Lyn, Me and Ling Sze. Heart this shot! =D

Look at the sky? 

Okok, its time to have some jumping pose. Ready?

Go! Jump high! =D

Take 2!

Look at her! Classic shot! xD

and the final jump. Emily is trying to punch my face! xD
look at our face expression! 

Spongebob Power! xD

Check this out!
heart this shot! AWESOME! xD

and this two fellas entered the girls toilet.

Trying to figure it out how to use this thingy huh? xP

The gang. =D

After that, we had our another blessing ceremony again. And this time the school invited the monks to do the blessing for us. For other religions like Muslim, Hindu, and Christian, they got their own blessing too. =)  We had the blessing in the hall. I really prayed very hard that I can cope with all my stress and success in my life. And, some students were so rude that, they were not respecting the whole ceremony. They just keep talking and laughing. This is so rude of them. 

And finally, we went back to our class to get our exam slip and other stuffs. 

My exam slip! xD

For my class and half of the 5B class, we are going to have our exams in the hall. So the table are quite big and comfortable, if compared to our tables in our class. And finally i get to sit under the fan. =D  We arranged our tables and chairs, and we sticked our exam slip on the table. Owh well, this is the end of my Graduation Day.

I really, do miss my school, my teachers and all my friends. They brought a big smile on my face! =)  This will definitely be my most memorable high school memories! =D


  1. oh gawd how u get that toilet shot? haha..ahh..sweet high school days..

  2. @halfnakedlatte haha! my friend took this shot! AWESOME! =)

  3. Congrats yet all the best for your SPM. You still have a battle to fight!

    p/s: you're so skinny *envy*

  4. i miss my form 5 days too, i rmb the last day we camwhore, alot..haha!!

  5. all the best for ur SPM! :) miss my high school days xD

  6. @Hilda thanks! i will try my very best! =)

  7. awh..ure making me miss my high school moments already. although its a bad memory..

  8. Oh ! I really miss my school moments T.T
    Really miss my friends

  9. @epy ain haha, school life is always the best! xD