Saturday, March 17, 2012

Above the soil.

Hola! I took quite some photos randomly when I was on flight to Bali, Indonesia last week. It was a long journey to Indonesia, around 3 hours I think.
I rarely FLY around the world. Like once or twice a year? So I always appreciate the time when I have a chance to be above the ground, legs not touching the floor/ground/soil.
Thank you daddy & mummy for the trip! I really enjoyed much!  =]

I took photos about cloud, lots of cloud. Have a look.

This is my first photo taken while the plane departed from the airport.

This is Malaysia! :)

Up above the sky, mamamia! =P

Cloud #1


Suddenly have a feeling to 'stand on the cloud'. Can I? 

The huge sea below the cloud!

Saw a random island.

Just like white sponge! =P

Love this photo, especially.  :)


And finally, we landed in Bali, Indonesia safely. =)

Like the colour of the sea! :)


  1. hope you enjoy your vacation in Bali...

  2. i like the cotton candy like cloud shots. I was having the urge and thoughts of jumping on those clouds when I flew in to Bali last month. Coz I had a turbulent flight in, it felt like we were kinda going "boink boink boink" on the clouds:P

    1. yeah, i had a turbulent flight too! :(

  3. lol,u make me feel like eating cotton sweet! wish tat i can go bali someday,i would wear coconut bikinis! XD

    1. haha! u design the bikinis on ur own la! =P

  4. Hello Xue Ren! :DDD How was your Bali trip? Hope to get an update from you about it. I've been there too. Awesome place. Stuffs are pretty cheap. :B

    1. The trip was pretty awesome! And I'll blog about it really soon. Stay tuned babe :)