Saturday, April 24, 2010

crazy saturday!

hmm, had so called gotong royong tdy...cleaned the class btw...and thx suren, for wiping all the three fans! was hyperactive in school this morning, especially after recess time...all of us dun wanna go physic lab, and we stayed in class for almost 20 minutes and we actually sang nursery rhyme =D  one little two little three little indians...we sang that too  xP  then was just playing in class, taking photos everywhere...some retarded videos uploaded too  :(

went to the curve, Italiannese for lunch...almost all 5A's going  =D  carmen and i ordered some kind of pizza, and parmesean crusted fish, if i'm nt mistaken? i ordered some cold flings too...dun care la  xP  will upload photos soon...went for a movie after that..we were actually splitted to four groups, one watching kiss ass, one watching ice kacang puppy love, one watching toy story 1 & 2  3D  and also i hate valentine's day...eelyn, whan, me and tim watched i hate valentine's day! lol...anyway, movie was okay, although i didn't really watch it...but still. its a comedy...went for walk after that...reached home at about 9? kinda tired  :(

btw, got number 18 this time! improved a lot  =D  i'll keep it up! dun give up!!!  =DD
tmr, its 7 months  :)  can't wait!  xP  he went malacca tmr  :(  sad...

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